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Alan Carson

Alan Carson of Carson Dunlop is an ASHI Member and Past President. Carson Dunlop & Associates, Toronto, ON, offers home, commercial and home warranty inspection services, as well as educational services, reporting systems and the Home Reference Book. For information, call 800-268-7070 or visit .

Articles authored

Technical Focus: Service Entrance Conductors, May 2019

Starting Up & Winding Down, May 2019

Pressure-Reducing Valves on Hot Water Heating Systems, February 2019

ASHI Affiliate Spotlight, September 2018

Technical Focus: Beams and Joist End Bearings, July 2018

Developing Your Marketing Plan, July 2018

Distribution Panels: Fuse Fundamentals, July 2018

Relationship Building: The Real Estate Agent Lunch, July 2018

Balconies and Raised Decks: Part 2, June 2018

Targeting Your Sales Efforts: The Homebuyer, June 2018

Targeting Your Sales Efforts: Real Estate Agents, Part 1, April 2018

Slate Roofs, April 2018

Shower Stalls, February 2018

Interpersonal Skills: Handling Rejection, January 2018

Sales Techniques: Manipulation VS.Education, December 2017

Handling Complaints, Part 2, November 2017

Counters & Cabinets, September 2017

Real Estate Office Discussions That Matter, September 2017

Flat Roof-to-Wall Flashings, August 2017

Online Access and Changes in Consumer Behavior and in Home Inspectors, August 2017

Bowed, Bulging and Leaning Foundation Walls, July 2017

Handling Written Complaints, July 2017

Diversify Your Business by Inspecting New Homes, June 2017

Controlling Rafter Deflection: Knee Walls, Purlins and Collar Ties (as Braces), June 2017

Offering Ancillary Services, May 2017

Warming Up to Heat Pumps, May 2017

Commercial Inspection: Taking Your Home Inspection Business to the Next Level, April 2017

Electrical Water Heaters, April 2017

Insight by Carson Dunlop: Inspect With Confidence!, March 2017

Brick Veneer vs. Solid Masonry, March 2017

Follow-Up Marketing, March 2017

Knob-and-Tube Wiring: A Revisit, February 2017

Service Philosophy: Customer-Centric Business, February 2017

Attic Inspections: Safety First, January 2017

Service Philosophy: Strategizing Excellent Service, December 2016

Controlling Moisture Flow in the Building Envelope, December 2016

Basic Marketing Concepts, Part 2, November 2016

Barometric Damper (Draft Regulator) on Oil-fired Appliances, October 2016

Basic Marketing Concepts, October 2016

Expansion Tanks, September 2016

Your Company Image, Part 2, July 2016

Subflooring, June 2016

Your Company Image, Part 1, June 2016

ASHI Affiliate Spotlight, May 2016

Vinyl Siding: Facts and Foibles, May 2016

Window Wells, February 2015

Service Philosophy - Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, February 2015

Service Philosophy - Reserving Risk for Buyers, January 2015

Exterior Steps and Landings, April 2016

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, Part 1, April 2016

Skylights, March 2016

ASHI Affiliate Spotlight, March 2016

Pipe and Stack Flashings, February 2016

How to Raise Your Prices Without Killing Your Business, Part 1, February 2016

Metal Chimneys, January 2016

Your Information Package, January 2016

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) A Simple Approach to a Complex Issue, December 2015

Marketing Your Home Inspection Business: Challenges and Opportunities, December 2015

Basement Walkouts, November 2015

Company Identity: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, November 2015

Issues Common to Attached Garages, October 2015

Fundamentals, September 2015

Insider Tips, August 2015

Strategies, August 2015

Event-Driven Public Relations: Home Shows, July 2015

Inspecting, July 2015

Fundamentals, June 2015

Strategies, June 2015

Fundamentals, May 2015

People-Driven PR — First-Time Buyers’ Seminar, May 2015

Strategies, April 2015

Service Philosophy - Fix Mistakes Fast, March 2015

Advertising Opportunities, December 2014

Electric Radiant Heating, November 2014

Principles of Discretionary Advertising, November 2014

Business Networking Part 2, October 2014

Business Networking Part 1, September 2014

Heat Recovery Ventilators, August 2014

Basic Marketing Concepts, August 2014

Pricing your Services , July 2014

Water Cooled Condenser Coil, July 2014

Pricing your Services , June 2014

Service Philosophy Part 1, March 2014

Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs, February 2014

Focus on Ethics, January 2014

Fundamentals, December 2013

ASHI in the Media, November 2013

Strategies, October 2013

Retaining Walls, August 2011

Marijuana Grow Operations – The Challenge for Home Inspectors, August 2010

Inspecting High-Efficiency Gas Heating Systems, June 2010

Inspecting High-Efficiency Gas Heating Sytems: What Can Go Wrong, May 2010

Inspecting High-Efficiency Gas Heating Systems, April 2010

Plumbing Vents — Why Basins Sometimes Talk Back, March 2010

Judgment Against British Columbia Home Inspector, January 2010

Resolving Complaints, A Risk Management Series, Part 1 of 4, December 2003

Resolving Complaints, A Risk Management Series For Home Inspectors, Part 2 of 4, January 2004

Resolving Complaints, A Risk Management Series For Home Inspectors, Part 2 of 4, January 2004

Resolving Complaints, A Risk Management Series For Home Inspectors, Part 3 of 4, February 2004

Resolving Complaints, A Risk Management Series For Home Inspectors, Part 4 of 4, March 2004