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Articles authored

What Are Your Clients Really Buying?, October 2015

Air Barriers Versus Vapor Barriers, December 2014

Vent Connectors, April 2014

Inspecting, November 2013

Wood Roofing, October 2013

Roof Trusses, September 2013

Inspecting, August 2013

Inspecting, July 2013

Combustion Air for Furnaces, June 2013

Architectural Styles, May 2013

Architectural Styles, Part 1 of 2, April 2013

Window Glazing, March 2013

Service Drop, February 2013

Floor Systems, January 2013

Flat Roof Systems, December 2012

Insulation Materials, November 2012

Gas Piping, October 2012

Chimney Flashings, September 2012

Identifying Poorly Located Outlets and Switches, August 2012

FVIR ((Flammable Vapor Ignition-Resistant) Water Heaters, July 2012

Air Conditioning Capacity, June 2012