October, 2013
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ELECTIONS: Nominating Committees Slate Officers, Certification Committee Member and Directors


The Committee met on September 10, 2013, and decided on the following slate for 2014 ASHI Officers. The names are listed in alphabetical order by office.


Officer Slate for 2014

President: Bill Loden

President-elect: Alden Gibson

Vice President: Randy Sipe

Treasurer: Michael Stephens

Secretary: Howard Pegelow


Any voting member wishing to run as a petition candidate should submit a matrix to headquarters and download a petition form from the website and file it by October 18th as per the rules below.


Director Slate for 2014

The ASHI Directors Nominating Committee for 2014 slated the following for ASHI Directors:

Larry Cerro, C. Blaine Illingworth, Bruce LaBell, Mark Londner,

Mike Wagner and Kevin Westendorf


Five directors and one alternate will be chosen based on the number of votes each receives.


Any additional Council Representatives who would like to be included on the ballot should submit a matrix and download a petition from the website and file it by October 18th as per the rules below.


Election Policy

The following is from the ASHI Policy and Procedures Manual, also
available under Publications in the Members Only website.


2. Petitions

a. All Petition Candidates are to complete and submit the official

Nomination Matrix Form prior to the official election. ASHI will provide the official petition to the member requesting the petition. ASHI will notify the ASHI membership by email of the member who is requesting the petition. The notice will be sent out two times by ASHI (the last week of September and the 2nd (second) week of October) and shall include the names of those candidates chosen by the nomination committees. If the official petition form is changed in any manner, the petition will NOT be accepted, with the exception of a change to the fax or phone number and email of the candidates. The candidate will be allowed to purchase only the ASHI mailing list of addresses. Email addresses and fax numbers will NOT be provided to nominated or petition candidates. The mailing list may be used only for the current election cycle. Revised 7/30/2011

b. A valid petition containing the names of a minimum of 10% of the then in good standing ASHI Certified Inspectors submitted to ASHI headquarters shall cause the name of the qualified Member to be added to the ballot as candidate for a specified (named) office.

c. Petitions must be presented on a special form available only from ASHI Headquarters and requires the name (printed) and the signature of each petitioner, as well as the office in which the petitioner would serve, if elected.

d. The form must be received by mail or fax at headquarters at least 10 days prior to the distribution of the ballots.

e. Staff will verify the validity of the petition prior to placing the name of a Candidate for office on the ballot.


3. Official Instructions for Those Obtaining Petitions for the Officer Elections

a. All petitions must be received on or before October 18, 2013, at noon (CT) at ASHI Headquarters, 932 Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 by physical delivery, U.S. mail, email or FAX at 847-759-1620 directly from the candidate. Postmark dates or mail “stored” at the post office will not be counted.

b. An ASHI Certified Member may sign more than one candidate’s
petition for the same position, but only one signature per individual candidate.

c. If the Official Petition Form is changed or altered in any manner, the petition will not be accepted, with the exception of the insertion of the fax or phone number or the email of the prospective candidate.

d. All fields on the petition shall be filled in. The signature and printed name of the signer must be original.

e. All petitions must be submitted directly from the prospective
petitioning candidate to Headquarters, not from signers. Petitions faxed, emailed, sent by U.S. mail or delivered by anyone other than the petition candidate will not be counted.

f. Qualified ASHI voting members (ACIs and retired members) may also sign petitions.

g. ASHI will inform members twice by email that they have requested a blank Official Petition Form.

h. You may purchase and use mailing labels from ASHI. You may not purchase email, fax or telephone number lists from ASHI. ASHI will not sponsor or send email blasts for any prospective or actual candidate.

The campaigning rules remained the same.


1. Campaigning positively by or about any candidate is permissible as long as no ASHI assets are used.

2. Staff, Nominating Committee and Election Committee members shall not participate in campaigning.

3. Nominees or Petition Candidates for an Officer or Board of Director position may purchase mailing labels or lists of qualified voting members’ contact information from Headquarters at cost. Revised 10/22/05

4. Negative campaigning (against candidates or nominees) is not permitted. The Election Committee should preview campaign statements or materials in advance if there is any uncertainty about the appropriateness of their contents.

5. Election and Campaign policies shall be published in the Reporter for three (3) consecutive months prior to the formation of a slate for an election.