September, 2013
Editor’s Note
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Your ASHI Reporter


Sometimes I think that, instead of calling it “the” ASHI Reporter, we should call it “your” ASHI Reporter. That’s because it rightfully belongs to each and every member of ASHI. Whether it’s technical articles, chapter news, marketing articles, IW information, safety articles, legal articles or “Postcards from the Field,” our main criterion is that which we think will be helpful or of interest to you.

You may have noticed one new feature in the past few magazines: “ASHI Family Photos.” We like to think of ASHI as being a family, and some people take that literally by having a family member who is also an ASHI home inspector. We enjoy sharing these photos you send us. In fact, we love photos: chapter meetings, ASHI classes and, as always, “Postcards from the Field.” These are the types of things that communicate the broad range of events that you experience.

There are a couple other features we may add to the magazine if we receive feedback from you. One is “Hats Off.” This was something that was done a few years ago when members would write a small article praising another member who was doing something special in their community or is interesting in another way.

Another potential feature could be “Ask an ASHI Inspector.” Perhaps you don’t belong to a chapter and you have specific questions you would like answered and you think other members may have a similar question, feel free to submit them to the Reporter. We won’t use your name if you don’t want us to, and we’ll have an experienced ASHI certified inspector answer.

If you have any ideas to make “your” ASHI Reporter better, please let us know. One thing we ask: When you send in photos, please make them between 200-300 dpi. (This is print quality for magazines. Most inspectors have their cameras set lower to take more photos and use up less memory.) We want to hear from you. We want to see you. 