August, 2012
From the ASHI President.
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You and the New Road to Success


Marv-Goldstein.jpgAs I travel around the country, visiting ASHI chapters from coast to coast, I’ve found that no matter where I go, or to whom I speak, once I talk about our home inspection industry, the conversation becomes animated. I am told stories about good inspections, failed inspections, good inspectors, poor inspectors, but always how important it is to have a good inspector doing a thorough home inspection. Since we founded the industry in 1970 and ASHI in 1976, we have crossed many roads together, but none as important as today’s road to success. From a basic home inspection to the addition of over 40 specialty inspection options (where you can be listed and discovered by the consumer at, our home inspection industry has evolved and grown. Not only plumbing, heating, electric, roofing and structure, but termite, lead-based paint, radon, mold, energy efficiency, asbestos, infra-red, formaldehyde, EIFS, multifamily, commercial, 203 K, REAC inspections, etc., etc., etc. How can you take advantage of this growth and change and prosper?

As in life, we need to constantly change, grow and climb the ladder of life and success.

Again, and always, we need to come up with new ideas to better our profession and ourselves.

Now, we would like your new ideas to promote ASHI, ASHI-ians and the home inspection industry.

I ask you to send in your ideas (to so we can check them out and publish the best ones in a future ASHI Reporter. The Public Relations Committee in consultation with the ASHI staff will choose the best idea. Send your ideas to

There will be a prize for the best idea.


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