June, 2016
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ASHI Member Steve Zivolich Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Enhancing the Lives of People with Disabilities

On April 8, the Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) presented ASHI member Steve Zivolich with its 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award for his local, national and international leadership in developing innovative employment placement outcomes for people with disabilities. Zivolich founded Integrated Resources Institute (IRI) in 1985. This nonprofit organization, which is known for its progressive approach and demonstration outcomes regarding integrated community work for people with disabilities, is based in Orange County. 

“The lifetime achievement award goes to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to advancing the rights of and enhancing the life for people with developmental disabilities,” stated Alan Martin, chair of the RCOC Board of Directors. 

IRI and Zivolich were recognized for having facilitated 20,000 job placements for people with disabilities in the United States. Through grants and corporate funding, IRI initiated several demonstration and research employment efforts with Pizza Hut, Brinker International, California Restaurant Association, Universal Studios Hollywood, Social Security Administration, U.S. Department of Education, California Regional Centers and various departments of rehabilitation.

Zivolich noted, “Nationally, IRI has worked to strengthen the capacity of the workforce development system to improve employment outcomes for people with significant disabilities through demonstration implementation, as well as dissemination of research. With three decades of peerreviewed, evidence-based research data, IRI has verified that integrated work efforts lead to positive employment and quality-of-life outcomes for individuals with disabilities, their families, as well as cost benefits to taxpayers.”

IRI’s MentorWorks program in Orange County currently serves more than 100 clients with disabilities and maintains a 96% employment placement rate. MentorWorks is a 100% community work–based program, and all program hours are provided at integrated work settings. Using a customized employment and mentor approach, the relationship between an employee with a disability and his or her employer is personalized in a way that meets the needs of both. 

IRI also provides consultation support for other nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporations in the United States and internationally to develop similar innovative work placement outcomes for their clients with disabilities. 

Employers interested in recruiting and integrating workers with disabilities into their workforce can contact IRI at 949-232-1172 or visit the IRI website at http://www.irioc.org.

Congratulations, Steve!

In Memory: Dewey Campbell 
Dewey was a founding member of both SCAHI and the SC Chapter of ASHI. He may not have been able to attend all of our meetings but he was a staunch supporter of both associations, the home inspection profession and ethical behavior in all situations. 

Those of you who knew him will remember him best for his strong opinions and forthright manner...both spoke well for 
him and our profession. 

Dewey will be missed. The associations will be making a memorial gift in the name of all our members. Thank you for including him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Roger S. Herdt Secretary, SC ASHI and SCAHI

In Memory: Tom Robertson
On April 28, SC ASHI President Tom Robertson passed away after a struggle with cancer. Tom fought the good fight and will be missed by all. Our associations will be making a memorial gift in Tom’s memory.

Please keep Tom’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

Roger S. Herdt Secretary, SC ASHI and SCAHI