June, 2005
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors




PostcardElectric.gifI ran across this fuse box on a recent inspection. I guess he ran out of fuses and decided he can make it work. I like to call this a "MacGyver" fix!

Frank Dobnikar
Castle Enterprises
Cleveland, Ohio

Back away slowly

Postcardnest.gifWhile crawling through an attic, I rounded a corner and found this yellow jacket nest, which was approximately 2 1/2' in diameter. I quickly snapped a photo and exited. This illustrates some of the hazards we encounter on a regular basis.

Steve Ballasch
AAA Home Inspections
Cleveland, Ohio


PostcardTinfoil.gifThis section of water heater flue pipe is made entirely out of aluminum foil!

C. John Limongello
Southern Home Inspection Services
Jasper, Ga.

Red Flag

Postcardspatula.gifHere is a red flag that Harry the homeowner has been at work patching the roof using the professional tool of the trade: a spatula.

John Cranor
Cranor Home Inspections
Glen Allen, Va.