July, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

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Share your technical expertise, business success, safety tips, chapter news and postcards from the field by contributing to ASHI publications.

Some of our readers are new to the profession, while others are experienced professionals. Most fall somewhere in between, but it seems that all inspectors are curious by nature, always ready to learn more.

Therefore, technical articles for all levels of inspection and business expertise are appreciated. The key is that they must be inspection-related.

Please submit articles and chapter news by e-mail as MSWord files and photos as high-resolution jpegs.

If accepted for publication, articles are edited and authors sign a standard agreement attesting to the originality of the material and granting ASHI copyright.

The ASHI Technical Committee reviews technical submissions for level of interest and accuracy before publication. Therefore, we recommend authors submit their ideas for technical articles in summary or outline form and request feedback from the committee before writing the article.

ASHI members receive Continuing Education (CE) hours for published technical articles.

Also, because the articles appear in the ASHI Reporter online, authors increase their likelihood of being found by Internet search engines.

If you like the idea of contributing to your society and the profession, please contact Sandy Bourseau at sandyb@ashi.org.