May, 2007

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Would You Like to Test Your Home Inspection Knowledge...For FREE?


Could you benefit from the new ASHI Smart Track education modules?

Member or non-member, you can now test your level of home inspection-related knowledge by taking the ASHI Online Inspector Practice Exam.

Based on the ASHI Standards of Practice, this comprehensive exam allows you to test your home inspection-related technical knowledge in key areas. Use it to find out what you need to brush up on in order to move ahead in your career.

To take the free ASHI Online Inspector Practice Exam, click here.

Although it was designed for those new to the profession, several experienced ASHI members helping with the Beta testing said they enjoyed taking it. So, whether you’re starting out or have been inspecting homes for years, you may want to give the test a try.

If you’re an ASHI member, once you’ve identified your strengths and weakness with the ASHI Online Inspector Practice Exam, you can address the weaknesses by taking advantage of the Smart Track online education program.

Smart Track modules at no cost to ASHI members

The Smart Track online education program, available at no cost to ASHI members, covers the core subjects of the ASHI Standards of Practice. Each module includes dynamic exercises and a comprehensive exam.

Unique login required

ASHI members must use their unique login information to access the modules.

Smart Track login information was mailed and e-mailed to the entire ASHI membership. Questions? Contact Michael Long at 847-954-3188 or
What do you need to move ahead?

The ASHI Online Inspector Practice Exam is waiting for you. Get started now identifying what you need to know to move ahead. Then use the Smart Track online education modules to take you to the next level (all at no cost to ASHI members).