June, 2002
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Why bring up the grade when you can add an exterior sump system?


Postcard-sump.gifThis picture shows a low spot at a corner of a house. The corrugated line is from a rear downspout running to a front catch basin. From the electrical line to the back, the line is under pea gravel. From the white sump discharge forward, the line is buried under the front lawn. There is a square cut in the side of the crock so the low spot will drain into it, bringing leaves, rocks, dirt, etc. And yes, that sump discharges into the “buried” line. Nothing in this picture was moved, except the sump cover.

Douglas Girardot
G.E. Home Inspections
Armada, Mich.

Pressure cooker

Postcard-valve.gifHere is a picture of a “manually controlled” t&p valve on a water heater. Comes in handy for the next time you want to hose down your attic or basement. Ignorance is bliss!

Jim McGehee
Home Scan Inspections
Germantown, Tenn.