January, 2005
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

What's New on ASHI.org


ASHI Web site now allows Members and Candidates with logo use to add company logo and description 

Over the past year, the ASHI Web site at www.ashi.org has emerged as one of the most valued membership benefits. It houses all ASHI documents, links to products and services, and allows access to the popular ASHI Membership Forum discussion boards. For Members and Candidates with logo use, the site also provides the opportunity to increase customer referrals. The latest feature will only add to the experience for those taking part in The ASHI Experience.

New Site Enhancement Promotes Your Business

ASHI is pleased to announce a new member benefit that will allow you to display a short description of your inspection company on the ASHI Web site. Called the Custom Company Profile, it provides space for up to 400 characters of text highlighting your service. Since you will be submitting this information, you can craft copy that will set you apart from your competitors.  

In addition to the description, Members and Candidates with logo use can include
a photo of themselves or a company logo. The description and the image will be displayed for the Web user who has clicked on a listing to obtain contact information during his or her search for an ASHI Inspector.

It’s easy to create your Custom Company Profile. Simply follow the instructions after you enter the ASHI Membership Extranet.

Search for ASHI Inspectors by State

ASHI also has added the capability of searching for ASHI Inspectors by state. Further, you’ll notice a change in the way the inspector listings are returned. Now, in order to obtain your phone number or other contact information, the Web user will be instructed to click on your listing.

We’ve added this enhancement to ensure that each ASHI Inspector’s information is fully viewed by the user, including the new Custom Company Profile. In addition, this change will do more to keep the ASHI Web site at the top of all search lists.

Finally, the change will do a better job of keeping membership records secure, shielding contact information from competing organizations and marketers, thereby helping to keep spam and other junk mail out of your box.

We hope you enjoy the improvements, and we welcome constructive feedback as the ASHI Web site continues to evolve in response to the needs of the membership and of the consumers. For questions or comments, please contact Anthony E. Snyder, director of membership and marketing, at anthonys@ashi.org.

60 respond within 24 hours: Fastman First

Within 24 hours of the announcement of a new Custom Company Profile section, 60 ASHI Inspectors responded. The e-mail went out describing the new capability for Find an Inspector on www.ashi.org, and the replies started coming in. These 60 ASHI Inspectors, and the many who have replied since, jumped at the chance to present their company’s attributes to the increasing number of unique visitors to the Web site. The first and fastest person to set up his profile was Alan G. Fastman, of Wallingford, Pa.   

ASHI members were able to respond quickly because they had current, unencumbered e-mail addresses on file at HQ. No e-mail address, the wrong one, a full e-mail box or a program that culls e-mails from ASHI would have kept them from hearing the first announcement of this new opportunity.

ASHI Inspectors—reach out to potential customers by activating the Custom Company Profile.

ASHI Inspectors and Candidates—Help ASHI serve you better by keeping the e-mail lines of communication open.