November, 2011

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

What has Public Relations Done for you Lately?


Here's a snapshot of what ASHI has been doing lately to influence consumers and real estate professionals about the importance of home inspections and hiring an ASHI member. Results are exciting, but knowing what activities produce results allows ASHI to replicate its successes, so both are included here.

Early this year, Gibbs & Soell (G&S), ASHI's public relations agency, used Harris Interactive to conduct an ASHI Omnibus survey to gather facts and opinions that it knew would catch the eye of publishers, reporters, bloggers, everyone looking for news of interest to their readers.

It used these data to write a release to be distributed electronically for a fee to paying subscribers.

• The release "Home Inspections Help You Sell" went live May 20 and still is receiving coverage, recently appearing in:
This has proven to be an effective vehicle for reaching the markets in which ASHI members conduct their businesses.

The numbers
The list of placements is 17 pages long. 

Recently, the focus has been on …

• maximizing ASHI's expanding social media, in part by developing content to populate all three of ASHI's current social media sites, and
• responding to some exciting media requests, such as
House and Home Magazine requested a mock inspection, which David Goldstein handled for ASHI.
MarketWatch/Wall Street Journal interviewed Kurt Salomon for an article titled "Why would you buy a new home?"

ASHI is proud that it is considered the best resource for questions about homes, real estate and home inspections. G&S is contacted almost daily with requests for information and interviews. Here's a few of the places ASHI was used as the source:

Specialty Coverages Insider;
Bloomberg Government;

CTW Features,
WGN Radio, Chicago;
Northwest Indiana Times, Home Section;
MSN Real Estate;
Chicago Tribune;
Real Estate Today;

Dallas Morning News; and
Ladies' Home Journal.

ASHI's Social Media

Social media is where the action is and it is being used to increase recognition of ASHI and its members. You can take advantage of what has been created to kick those conversations into high gear.

Please like, follow and join ASHI on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It's easy to find them. Use the prominently placed icons on ASHI's refreshed home page. The   numbers are increasing daily, but here's a recent count:
Current discussions …
The Activities That Produced The Results

There are lots of ways to keep positive ASHI messages before the 44 public, and here's a sample of the daily activities that make that happen.

Media Relations

Public Relations Committee

In addition to ASHI's program with Gibbs & Soell, the Public Relations Committee plays a role in promoting ASHI. The committee has committed to providing Twitter content to maximize its influence, and is working on internal public relations and relationships.

Tweet & Retweet

Members are promoting themselves and ASHI by retweeting ASHI's Tweets. Visit ASHI Twitter by using the handy button on the ASHI home page, then join in. Let ASHI help you build your own social media presence.