June, 2002
ASHI Community
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What Does ASHI Home Inspector Mean?


The ability to conduct a quality home inspection will depend on the interest and qualifications of the inspector. ASHI provides the guidelines (Standards of Practice) to the inspector to check, define and recommend to the customer the conditions found during the inspection. Our ability to transfer these findings into words will certainly determine our success in informing our customers. No matter how well we conduct the inspection, there will always be someone who will second-guess our work. Applying the correct procedures to the inspection job is the only way to protect ourselves and our customers. Knowing that we are part of the best organization in existence, and living up to that lofty goal means that we must continue to improve and provide the best inspections possible to the public. In thinking about those goals, think about what ASHI stands for – maybe this will help.

Bill Jacques
SC ASHI Chapter president

Authority on home inspection procedures
Status of belonging to a dynamic organization
Honor and dignity of ASHI
Idealistic—a person of high ideals and achievement

Hallmark of the professional home inspector, dedicated to the professional standards
Objective about the findings found in the home inspection
Manager of time and procedures
Educated on home inspection procedures

Investigative inspectors check all signs and conditions to report to their customers
Studious — interested in learning about products and causes
Professional home inspectors adhere to the ASHI Standards and Code of Ethics
Effective and thorough
Communicator, describing conditions found while conducting inspections
Trustworthy, protecting the interest of the customer’s loyalty in selecting an ASHI inspector
Open-minded in discussions with customers