March, 2011
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors



This is the second of 12 articles I will be writing. On a personal note and as fate would have it when I arrived at InspectionWorld, I rode up the elevator with the first person who taught me about home inspections, Everett Rawlings. Is this special or not? For those who do not know him, this quote sums up Everett, "I'm not sure I'm smarter, just older and much more experienced. And unlike many inspectors, I care."
During InspectionWorld, there is a tradition of the past ASHI presidents in attendance to have a lunch with the incoming ASHI president. I can still remember when attending my first InspectionWorld in 1995, going up to the speaker podium and shaking the hand of outgoing president Alan Carson. Alan was at the luncheon. That was neat.

Collectively, WE can accomplish great things. Success occurs when we have good leaders, when we stay focused and when we have an excellent HQ staff.

Let's review – 2010

We retained membership in a down economy. We retained membership in a depressed real estate market. ASHI had a surplus of about $85,000; and half of that went to our reserves. This was largely due to the success of InspectionWorld Las Vegas.

This year, we will break even at InspectionWorld as we planned. We now are fiscally sound as the result of Executive Director Jeff Arnold and Board decisions.

We will continue to achieve success if we stay focused and if we listen! Is there something they said that causes me to alter my opinion? In a group, everyone will not always agree. So, we must learn to agree to disagree.

ASHI has several measurable goals for 2011:

First, we will be working with the chapters to develop programs to support them. At least four of the education modules will be rolled out so they can be taught at the chapter level so chapter members can obtain ASHI- and state-approved CE credits. This is only the start.

Second, we will be looking at our membership categories to figure out ways we might grow ASHI without giving up our core values. We need to do this because the last time we changed the categories in the early 1990s, there were only five states that licensed home inspectors. Now, we have about 35 states with home inspector licensing or registration. As we develop a proposal, the ideas will be vetted and we will listen to the membership. Also, please listen to the proposals and don't come out with a no before you listen to the current proposal. There are no easy answers to this situation.

Third, we will have a financially successful 2011. It looks like InspectionWorld will be close to break-even as it should be. I have a philosophy of dues and non-dues revenue. We should not look at taking dues out of the members' right-hand pocket and then ancillary revenue items from the members' left-hand pocket. Non-dues revenue should come from non-ASHI members' pockets.

Fourth, the Standards Committee will be coming forward with a proposed new set of Standards of Practice (SoP), as ASHI does from time to time. Please check the ASHI website for the proposed new SoP. You can use the ASHI forum to make comments and suggestions.

Think of how the following Rotary principles can apply to ASHI to improve our association:

• Is it fair to all concerned?
• Will it build goodwill?
• Is it beneficial to all concerned?

I trust and pray that WE will follow these principles. I trust and hope you will have a successful 2011.

See you in Phoenix in January 2012.