February, 2004
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Vote on the Amended Code of Ethics


Shape the Future of Your Profession

After months of collecting feedback and making extensive adjustments, the Ethics Committee presented the proposed Code of Ethics to the Board of Directors in Albuquerque and won its approval to put the document before the Members for a vote.

According to ASHI Bylaws, the Code of Ethics may be amended by two-thirds of all Members in good standing, voting by mail or electronically, provided that votes are received from 30 percent of such Members.

Voting Members have received or soon will receive an e-mail providing a link that will allow them to review the proposed Code, study the rationale, consider the replies to frequently asked questions and vote. Members without e-mail address on file have received or soon will receive a ballot through the mail.

Voting remains open for 45 days, providing voting Members with time to study an amended Code of Ethics that reflects input from professional ethicists, extensive study by the members of the committee, and several rounds of comments from the ASHI Membership collected in open forums and through the use of electronic surveys.

The Membership’s commitment to the existing Code has been a defining factor for ASHI since its founding 27 years ago. The amended Code continues this commitment and provides additional support for the best of the profession in an increasingly complex business climate. As a voting Member, this is your opportunity to help shape the future of the Society and your profession. Vote.