May, 2019

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Last September, I was approached to undertake the responsibilities of Speaker of the Council of Representatives (CoR). I was told it was a “smooth-sailing and high-profile dream job.” I indicated that if it was such a breeze, I would undertake the slot since my longevity on the Board of Directors was coming to an end. 

Come December, I was excited to be nearing the start of my appointed position, but I had a health downturn that resulted in surgery. As a 29-year member of ASHI, I am here to tell you to never leave the room, get sick or take a break when a meeting is going on. For when you return, you will have new responsibilities that you never dreamed of. But I digress.

In January, the outgoing Speaker of the CoR was generous enough to step up and run the annual meeting of the CoR in my place. At some point in the meeting, there was discussion about how the selection of the new speaker was accomplished, and the Secretary of the CoR asked if anyone else wanted the job. (Dead silence. I’ve been told that even the crickets were quiet. And I was not in attendance.) So, here we are, months later, and I’m writing my first column for the Reporter as Speaker of the CoR.

What has the Council done recently? 

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Donald Lovering is the Speaker of the ASHI Council of Representatives for 2019-2020. Email him at

Don Lovering was an ASHI Board Member and the Chief Inspector at Advantage Home Inspection, Inc., in Auburndale, MA. He still has a hard-line telephone (617-928-1942) and is an active member of ASHI locally and nationally. Don has been a Chapter President and National Committee Chair, as well as a college professor. He is also a past-president of the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI). He has been published in the ASHI Reporter and testified on home inspector licensing in six states. Don’s leisure activities rotate around his farm and working with Vermont Fish and Wildlife as a volunteer instructor.