January, 2016
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Vermiculite Abatement Verification Inspections


On occasion, the Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust has a need to confirm or clarify the status of vermiculite abatement in a claimant’s home.

On such occasions, the Trust plans to retain a home inspector to perform a limited inspection. The inspection would typically consist of visually verifying the presence, or absence, of vermiculite and/or other insulation in the attic, and taking pictures and filling out a short form/checklist and emailing the findings to the Trust. The fee will be based on the inspector’s normal rate, not to exceed $200. Unusual or special circumstances that justify a higher rate, e.g., lengthy travel time, can be discussed in advance. The fee will be paid upon receipt of an invoice and report from the home inspector. The specifics of what the Trust seeks to confirm or clarify will be discussed with the home inspector in advance and confirmed in report form to be provided to the home inspector.

Step 1 - If interested in participating, please email the Trust at ZaiHire@gmail.com and provide your name, email, phone number and general location in which you do inspections, e.g., “Pittsburgh metro area.” (We will keep the info on file and only use it should we need to retain a home inspector in your area.)

Step 2 - We would contact you as needed and provide a short statement and report form, e.g, “The trust would like you to inspect the attic of the home at 123 Oak St., Pittsburgh, PA, and visually verify that the vermiculite has been abated, as well as the approximate size of the attic.” The Trust would provide a report form setting forth the relevant questions to be answered.

Step 3 - Email the report form and photos to the Trust at Zaihire@gmail.com along with your invoice.

The Trust would obtain authorization for the inspection from the homeowner and provide you with the owner’s contact info to schedule the inspection.