May, 2002
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Upstairs, Downstairs




These photos are from a recent inspection. It was a very subtle hidden problem that actually required two trips to the house to verify the true nature of the problem, which was a severely notched beam. Photos 1 and 2 are the clues and photo 3 is the answer.
Roger Hankey
Hankey & Brown Inspection Services
Eden Prairie, Minn.

That sinking feeling



These photos are from a recent inspection of a 50-year old home. Without footings, the foundation is slowly sinking in the soil. Notice the chimney on the roof is not moving, but the shingles are lifting because the flashing is attached to the chimney. (Photo 1)

Photo 2 is the exterior foundation wall crumbling. Photo 3 is a view of the inside portion showing no footing under the foundation wall. Some of the soil is eroding away and it is sinking in the soil.

Paul A. Luczyk
Mukilteo, Wash.


Postcardtree2029.gifHere’s an interesting photo from a recent inspection of a small 50-year-old cabin.
It was built over 6' diameter tree stumps.

Paul A. Luczyk
Mukilteo, Wash.0

Holy mud tunnels, Batman!
Postcard-Termites.gifI was doing an inspection on a home recently and found a unusual amount of mud tunnels under the house.

I thought maybe other ASHI Members might be interested in seeing the picture.

Tony Ellis
Homebuyers Inspections
Virginia Beach, Va.