March, 2013
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

The roof takes a dip



Southern California is considered a semi-arid desert and people take their rainwater collection seriously.

Rich Zak
Check It Out Property Inspections,
Carlsbad, Calif.



Who put that door there? garage.jpg


Ken Meyer
Portico Home Inspection LLC
Portland, Ore.



Light lockup lock.jpg

Apparently, the homeowner got tired of people adjusting the chandelier.

Thomas R. Battoe
Performance Home Inspections
DeBary, Fla.




Is that April Fool's date a coincidence?

waterheater-2.jpgwaterheater-1.jpg This electric water heater was in the crawl space of a 64-year-old house. They dug a hole for it. Notice the installation date below. It was still functioning!

Vincent Black
Pro Sight Property Inspections
San Jacinto, Calif.



And the mouse droppings are the crowning touch waterheater.jpg

How many different defects can you spot with this one water heater?

Greg H. Mathias
CatmanDo Real Estate Services, Inc.
Lewisburg, Pa.





Where did the dog hide his bowl this time? This dog bowl was being used to cover an abandoned exhaust pipe hole.

Michael R. Stephans
3-D Home Inspection, Inc.
St. Charles, Ill.



That old adage saw


"If it don't fit get the saw."

Stephen Tyler
STAT Home Inspections
Garnerville, N.Y.



Better than marriage counseling? toilet.jpg

This toilet might save a marriage. He can go and she won't complain he left the seat up. (This was the seller's idea, not mine.)

David Grudzinski
Advantage Home Inspections
Cranston, R.I.



Game, set, match



The first photo show the result of bird damage to the siding. The second shows the owners' solution to the problem.

Drago Nevistic
Ability Home Inspections
Woodinville, Wash.



Green gone awry


For when going green just isn't good enough.

Tom Dabb
Immaculate Home Inspections
Maplewood, N.J.