August, 2017
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The Value of the ASHI Forum


If you are new to ASHI, you need the forum; if you are a seasoned inspector, the forum needs you.

ASHI has more than 8,000 members, but most probably have yet to use the ASHI Forum. I’d like to invite every ASHI member to visit and use this valuable resource. The forum is a fantastic part of the ASHI website but, like anything else, it is only as great as you make it.

What Is the ASHI Forum?

  • an online portal on which members can ask questions and share information and stories about what they see in the field
  • an outlet for ASHI members to connect with other inspectors
  • a tool that allows members to swap ideas, create meaningful relationships and get a sense of belonging to the ASHI family

How Does the ASHI Forum Work?

ASHI members post questions and information. Other ASHI members respond. It’s as simple as that.

One reason that it’s such a great resource is because when a member answers another member’s question posted on the forum—especially with a detailed response—anyone can reference this information in the future. In other words, you don’t have to recreate the same answer every time someone asks the same or a similar question. In addition, many of the postings generate ongoing, lively discussions on topics of interest to inspectors.

It’s a fairly informal forum, so many members share announcements about their own businesses. For example, sometimes members post a notice when they are looking to sell their inspection business or when they are seeking to hire or partner with another inspector. Other postings fall into the broad category of “unusual things that you come across in the field and want to share with others.”

Most importantly, many members post practical questions and others quickly respond, offering real-world tips and hands-on strategies. You can get ideas from many other inspectors about how you could improve your inspection reports or how to do an inspection, for example, if you just ask.

The more people who use the forum, the more technical and useful content can be shared among our members. Sharing this kind of information strengthens individual members and ASHI as a whole.

How Do I Access the ASHI Forum?
Using your member number and password:

1. Simply log on to the ASHI website at 

2. Select the Members-Only tab

3. Choose the Discussion Forum. Look at the postings that are there to view now or post your own question, comment or announcement.

Join us on the ASHI Forum!