January, 2006
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

The Pinnacle of My Career


Over the last year, I’ve shared with you, in this column, many of my professional opinions and concerns and some of my personal revelations and observations. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I want you to know that being your president has been the pinnacle of my professional career.  

In my induction speech in January of 2005, I said it was my distinct honor to serve you. Nothing has changed. I am a home inspector. At one time, I was almost apologetic when I explained what I did to others in airport lounges—0thers who I thought must be “real” professionals traveling to other places on “real” business. No more. I want you to know how proud I am. Not of who I am, but of what I am. I’m a home inspector. I’ve been a home inspector now for 21 years and, eventually, I hope to get it right.  I’m also proud of you.

I don’t care how long you have been a member of ASHI, whether you’re a full member or a candidate member.  I’m proud of you. You have shown your commitment to a noble profession just by being a member of ASHI. I acknowledge you and thank you.

Helping others

We have chosen to help others in making a decision that, for many, will be one of the most important financial decisions they make in their lives. They have put their faith and trust in us as professionals.  And you have fulfilled your responsibility with integrity, respect and care. I’m very proud of you.

Paying our dues-what that really means

Many enter this profession to make a lot of money. After the first year or two, they leave because they realize that to make a lot of money in this business, you have to pay your dues. Not the dues you pay to ASHI, but the dues you pay to experience. You’re paying them now and every time you do a home inspection. I am, too. And the longer I perform my duties in this profession, the more I come to realize that there is further “east” to go. I will never know it all. Neither will you.

Being masterful in this profession is not knowing it all; it’s knowing you never will and continuing to strive to learn more anyway. Because that’s what we are all about.

Acknowledging a few

I am going to name some of the people I want to acknowledge—people I’ve known over the years. There is no way I can name all those who have touched me, so if your name is not here, know that I appreciate who you are and what you’ve done nonetheless. Some are friends. Some are family. Some are living. Some are dead. Some are mentors. Some are staff and still others are members, like yourself, whom I have met maybe only once. Regardless, I acknowledge you for who you are and what you strive for. You’ll recognize some names. Others you won’t. That’s ok. Just know that they are remarkable people, one and all, and have all made a huge contribution to me personally and through me to ASHI.  

Rob Paterkiewicz, Dick Bennett, Russell Daniels, Sandy Bourseau, Judy Delvoye,  Alison Dziewior, Yvonne Romanowski, Noel Zak,  John Ghent, Tom Byrne, Mike Casey, Mark Cramer, Rich Matzen, Steve Gladstone, Joe Corsetto, Christine and David Bemis, Cathy Soete, Amy Fister, Kurt Mittenbuler, John Palczuk, Patrick Graham, Tom Finney, Joe Cummins,  Roger Robinson, Bob and Ann Campbell, Bill Richardson, Jay Balin, Kurt Solomon, Walter Jowers, Dana Carter,  Mitch Sudy, Kevin O’Malley, Skip Kelly, JD Grewell, Greg DeVault, Kristine Messick, MaryGail Sullivan, Scott Patterson, Douglas Hansen, Dave Surrett, Pat Casey, Gerry Loesch and his wife Darla, Dad and Mom, Dixie, Dan, Julie, Danita, Ashley, Sarah and Daniel.

You honor me and I am honored and humbled to have been your president, friend, father and son. Thank you.

Serving you

The future of ASHI is in your hands. But it always has been. The leadership you have elected to guide our society will continue to steer it in the direction they believe will best serve the membership. ASHI is, without question, the greatest society of professional home inspectors in the business today simply because we care about our clients and doing the right thing. My hat is off to you all.