March, 2015
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

The ASHI School - InspectionWorld 2015



The ASHI School (TAS) appreciated great meeting times with inspectors and students at InspectionWorld® 2015 in Philadelphia.

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the first full day at InspectionWorld, the school held its first Instructor Workshop. Seventeen instructors attended representing eight of our ten locations. Alan Carson led the discussion on class curriculum, providing many new updates that will be forthcoming in 2015. Topics discussed field event supplies for each student, as well as other subjects.

Later that evening, TAS held its Second Annual Reunion, with 36 students and instructors in attendance. The discussion topics ranged from new inspectors looking for direction on pricing of inspections, the importance of chapter participation, next steps in their new career after graduation, etc.

The instructors in attendance gave much helpful advice and direction. Ten students in attendance had moved up to Inspector level and 7 students received their ACI. Three students have joined multi-inspector firms, and five students are serving on the board of their local chapter. An iPad mini was raffled off with Bill Burross, a graduate of the May 2014 Cumming, GA class, as the winner.

The school has also expanded its vendor participation program, which now has 14 companies participating. This program benefits students by offering information on different types of products that may be quite useful and helpful in their inspection career, such as insurance, marketing, software and many other products.

The ASHI School has many new projects for 2015, but its biggest and most important product is the education. The school continues to strive for the best curriculum being taught to each student at the school.

And let’s not forget the instructors at the school. Each instructor gives 100% of their time and experience in teaching each student.

Our instructors reflect professional experience and thorough knowledge of the curriculum being taught. With many students expressing what a great experience they had at the school, we know that all comes from the instructors. They are always prepared to answer questions and keep the material interesting for the students.