June, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

The ASHI School Celebrates Major Milestones


On April 12, 2010, The ASHI School launched its first Illinois class at ASHI headquarters. Although the school has been holding classes countrywide since February, holding a 120-hour Pre-licensing Home Inspector Course here was a major milestone in establishing the school as an integral part of ASHI’s mission to provide high quality education for home inspectors.

Photo: Gary Monfeli, The ASHI School lead instructor, conducts a class at ASHI headquarters in April.

After completing the class at ASHI headquarters, several students said it was the training experience of a lifetime. That came as no surprise. By design, The ASHI School experience is different from what is offered by any other home inspector training provider. If you’ve visited The ASHI School website, you may have noticed its motto: Learn by Doing. We believe that to become a professional home inspector, you need to spend time in the classroom, plus time performing instructor-guided live inspections. That’s how we teach our students.

Students are able to spend time in the field because prior to setting foot in a classroom, they receive login information so they can view presentations covering a home’s basic components. The eight narrated presentations encourage maximum retention of the explanations of all a home’s major systems and components. As a result, when students take their seats in the classroom, they know what the major components are and are ready to move to the next step: learning how to inspect them.

Students spend the mornings studying the standards of practice and proper inspection protocol for each of the components and systems. Most afternoons, students participate in field inspections of the component or systems studied in the classroom that morning. This program is by far the most effective method of training available.

We would like to thank the ASHI chapters for their support. Several students said they registered for the course after being referred to The ASHI School while visiting an ASHI chapter meeting. Continued chapter support is needed and appreciated as we drive to become the leading home inspection education provider in the nation. 

Holding the first class at ASHI headquarters was a milestone for the school. Another milestone is expanding from five locations to 16. Because of the expansion, The ASHI School needs qualified inspectors to join its growing instructor team. If you are interested, please contact me at Barton@theashi