January, 2014
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Thank You—Thank You


On My Mind

Bill Jacques

2013 has been a successful year for ASHI. Membership under the direc-tion of Russell Daniels, our director of membership services and chapter relations, has improved. The home-selling market has been better than the past, keeping our ASHI home inspectors busy.

ASHI has a new executive director, Frank Lesh. The ASHI School with Jack McGraw, managing director, and Steve Riley, sales, along with all the ASHI School instructors, had a banner year, and 2014 is looking good.

Our marketing programs under the direction of Dave Kogan, our marketing and business development manager, have started to take shape along with his work on InspectionWorld.

Michele George, our director of education and events, has been busy planning 2014 IW Nashville and has put together some exciting programs for the week along with the e-learning catalog and our Smart Track program. The Smart Track program is available for free to our members—an easy way to take advantage of getting a good education and CEs for your ASHI credits. The ASHI chapters can make arrangements to use the e-learning for their chapter education programs; call Michele George.

The ASHI Reporter has a new editor, Steve Hawkins, the director of communications, along with a new graphic design manager, Arlene Zapata. The ASHI Reporter has been looking good! Lots of good articles with good graphics.

ASHI is very lucky to have a very professional staff to help serve our membership.

The ASHI Membership Committee chair, Dave Goldstein, and the PR Committee chair, Dave Haught, along with Board liaison, Tim Buell, have been very busy putting out press releases along with the Constant Contact® Program, which is available for the membership to use. The committees have worked very hard this year. Ken Harrington, with the Chapter Relations Committee, just completed a very successful Leadership Training Conference (LTC). Bruce Barker, chair of the Standards Committee, submitted a review and the Board accepted the changes for our Standard of Practice with voting approval from the membership to be determined. Each committee has worked tirelessly this year and had a Board liaison and a staff person to help complete the committees’ work.

The ASHI Legislative Committee chair for Federal Activities, Don Lovering, and Mike Conley, chair for State Legislative Activities, have some activities planned for IW 2014 for InspectPac, a very worthy project that has worked well for ASHI on Capitol Hill fostered by our lobbyist, Randy Pence.

Tony Smith, speaker of the CoR, and the CoR have been very active and always helpful in getting information from the membership to the Board and the committees. Without their help we would not get our work completed on time for the membership.

Your dedicated Board of Directors has been busy handling the ASHI business. Bill Loden will be the 2014 ASHI President and will be a very good leader for ASHI. Good luck, Bill.

New 2014 Officers and Directors are taking office during IW 2104 in Nashville. Good luck to each one. They will need your support.

I have had the honor of serving as your 2013 president and was fortunate to be able to travel to some chapters and meet some of the fine ASHI home inspectors all around the country and Canada.

My year is coming to an end, but the great experience of serving as an ASHI President will be my lifetime memory and was an exciting opportunity. I couldn’t have done this without the loyal support of the ASHI membership, the ASHI staff, the support of my family and Petrina, my lovely wife of over 40 years.

Thanks again for your help and support and hoping everyone has the very best New Year 2014.