January, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Thank You 2011 Committee Members


Committees assist the Board in shaping ASHI’s future. The Board develops a strategic plan for the Society and the committees work on the action items assigned to them in the plan. Some committees bring recommendations to the Board as motions. If the motions are approved, the committee carries through on the new task.

The society thanks the committee members who volunteered their services in 2011.

Jay Balin, chair
Garet Denise   
Frank Lesh
Jack Fehlandt

Chapter Relations
David Haught, chair
Donald Lovering Sr.
Don Norman
Tim Buell
Gary F. Monfeli
John Clason
Frank J. Casillas

CCAC (Complaints)
Manass Hochstetler, chair
Edward Green
Jack Harper II
CEPP (Complaints)
Jim Yaskiewicz, chair
Kevin Vargo
Fred Larsen
Allan K. Davis

IW Education
Rod Beachamn, chair
Bill Jacques
James J. Funkhouser
Jack Fehlandt
Scot W. McLean
James P. Allen
John D’Arpino
Peter N. Jung
Mario Lucciola


Frank Lesh, chair

Jamison S. Brown, chair
Michael Hoberecht
Bill Mullen
Lawrence Hoytt
Joseph Cmar
Michael O. Kelley
Stephen G. Wilson

Alden E. Gibson, chair
David Tamny
Kurt Salomon
Marvin Goldstein
Bill Loden

Kurt Salomon, co-chair federal
George Harper, co-chair state
Donald Lovering Sr.
Charles Wiersum
Johnny Kay

Scott Patterson, chair
Jack Feldmann
Stuart E. Zwang P.E.
Shannon Cory
David Goldstein

Public Relations
Stan Garnet, chair
Paul Andreassen
Danny L. Maynard
Russell Berg
Max Curtis Niles
Dan Howard
Bob Sisson

Bruce Barker, chair
John Cranor
Christopher Ueland
Mark Cramer
Daniel Harris

Technical Review
James Katen, chair
Douglas Hansen
Tom Maides
Victor J. Faggella
Robert B. Pyne, P.E
Steve Nations
Jory Lannes
Mark T. Trinkley

Election Task Force

Standing committees are charged with working on matters that must be addressed year after year. Often, a unique need arises, one best addressed by a temporary group of volunteers, such as the need this year to revise the officer election process. The Board of Directors empowered the ASHI Election Task Force to draft a new policy, which was approved at the July Board meeting. A special thank you to those who served on the Election Task Force.

Bill Jacques, chair
Michel Conley   
Bill Sutton
Bob Walstead