November, 2003
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Strategic Task Force Gets Results


For three days, officers, committee chairs, council representatives, directors and staff worked as charged on big picture concepts, unexpectedly spinning off an immediate action item or two.

The 14-person Strategic Planning Task Force met in Chicago in September to develop recommendations for the Board of Directors regarding ASHI’s future. After viewing the ASHI Experience PowerPoint presentation, task force members asked that it be designated as an official vehicle to help carry out their suggestion to create a 60-90 day plan for communicating all the central points around branding using multiple vehicles and strategies?

As a result, chapter presidents and council representatives were added to officers and directors on the list of those being offered online training sessions for delivering the presentation, which was created to familiarize the Membership with the ASHI Experience.  

Also during the meeting, a discussion about improving communication through complete information disclosure influenced the decision to place quarterly committee reports and the agenda for the board of directors meeting on the Web site prior to the meeting.  

The members of the task force journeyed from east, west, north and south, coming together on behalf of the organization. Leaving special interests outside the meeting room door, they accomplished more than expanding the list of ASHI Experience presenters and increasing the immediate flow of information throughout ASHI.

Highlights of the their recommendations to ASHI’s Board include the following:  

• Move toward an advocacy position; away from policing

• Develop effective roles for all key groups within ASHI including volunteers and staff

• Look at each of the three member groups – solo, multi and franchisee – for each one’s unique needs in our strategies, decision and communications

• Improve communications with the COR, Chapters and at large Membership with an emphasis on complete information disclosure to all who want it

• Use three organizational themes: organizational performance for the Member; being the leading advocate in the home inspection industry; and positioning and performing the ASHI Experience to be the key industry leader.

The Board’s response to the recommendations will appear in the December issue of the Reporter, and on the ASHI Web site.