July, 2004
News in Brief
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Smart Vent® and Flood Vent® Approved by FEMA and ICC


Foundations that are built below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) are required to have vents that allow flood waters to flow through and under a building, relieving the hydrostatic pressure that would be exerted during a flood event. Smart Vent® and Flood Vent® Automatic Foundation Flood Vents are FEMA accepted and certified by the ICC Evaluation Service as an approved flood vent for foundation walls. The Smart Vent incorporates a patented flood control float system that unlatches a pivoting door during a flood event. Smart Vent also was designed with a patented temperature sensor, allowing the louvers to close automatically when the temperature is cold and re-open as the temperature increases. All Smart Vent products are certified as Engineered Openings. One 8-by-16-inch vent provides sufficient drainage capability for up to 200 square feet of enclosed area below the Base Flood Elevation, meeting all applicable NFT flood mitigation requirements.

—from Blueprint for Safety News

Truss handbook revised

The Third Edition of the Wood  Truss Council of America’s “Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook” had been released. The handbook is intended to familiarize architects, engineers, builders, building officials, students and others with the truss industry. It covers the technical history of metal plate connected wood trusses, the industry’s evolution, and current design and construction practices.

The new edition is extensively revised, with every section having been reviewed and updated by industry experts. Over 100 pages have been added, including updated information regarding truss design methodology, quality control, manufacturing and fire performance. In addition, this 500-page reference pro-vides vital information on current standards, building codes, related research, the lumber and wood indus-tries, and other relevant subjects. Illustrative examples, tables and design aids are included throughout to facilitate understanding of the subject matter and definitions; industry organization abbreviations and other reference materials are included in the eight appendices. To purchase a copy of the latest edition of the “Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook,” visit the International Code Council Web site at www.iccsafe.org and click on the ICC Store, or call 1-800-786-4452.

Roofing the right way

Roofs are the largest components in homes, and can be the costliest in terms of potential damages caused by natural disasters and everyday wear and tear. Because roofs play an integral role in keeping homes from suffering property damage, the Institute for Business & Home Safety today launched a “Roofing the Right Way” campaign to focus on roof maintenance and repair.

The campaign, a cooperative effort among the IBHS Roofing committee, the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Insurance Information Institute, includes a consumer guide that explains how to know when it’s time to re-roof, how to choose a contractor and how to choose the right materials based on the home’s exposure. To view the online version of this brochure, go to http://www.ibhs.org/

For more information on this program, got to www.ibhs.org, e-mail info@ibhs.org or call 813-286-3400.

Connect in business

Nicholas Boothman, communications specialist, conveys his savvy Fortune 500 tips to listeners in “How to Connect in Business.” Armed with simple tools that include eye contact, attitude, body movement, and voice techniques, the average person can  become a more successful communicator. Boothman is a vibrant speaker with a fine wit who maintains the listener’s attention by way of effective person-to-person scenarios that correspond to average daily encounters. Whether employed in sales, education, business or even public speaking, effective communication is mandatory, and Boothman’s techniques may be the express ticket necessary to progress to that next level.

—from AudioFile

The audio cassette is available for $16.95 and the book is $11.86, both from amazon.com.