June, 2014
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Should a New Inspector Consider a Franchise


Should a New Inspector Consider a Franchise?
Upon graduation from The ASHI School (TAS), most new home inspectors operate a single employee business. They need to be responsible for their finances, scheduling, communicating with their clients, advertising, etc. In other words, they are chief cook and bottle washer for every aspect of their business.

Now for many new inspectors this may be something they are willing to undertake, especially if they are willing and able to commit most of their time to the business. However, we have found that some inspectors consider this a second job and may not have the time to do it all. Would a franchise be a good fit for them?

Some new inspectors have chosen the way of the franchise. Although a franchise option may not fit everyone, it does fit some. Benefits may include providing marketing materials and business skill training. Although a lot of inspectors will still choose to own business, a franchise may be a good option available for others.

Should You Become a Multi-Inspector Company?
Do you find yourself working 24/7 doing inspections with no break? Are you turning away clients due to lack of time or energy? Maybe you should consider becoming a multi-inspector company. There are several things to consider before making that move and The ASHI School would like to hear any comments, questions or concerns you may have.

Another option if you are looking to hire some new inspectors, would be hiring a recent graduate of TAS. Many ASHI members have hired ASHI school students to work for their company. Tim Glisson of Glisson Inspections & John Cordell of Inspection Plus, have had great success in hiring ASHI School students.

Contact the school because we have classes in 9 states and have graduated over 220 students in 2013. Many of these graduates are very anxious to get into the business and prove to be assets to your company.

Let us know your thoughts on how to become multi-inspector and/or hiring a recently graduated inspector. Contact Jack McGraw at jack@theashischool.com, or 847-954-3178.

The ASHI School Working with ASHI Chapters

The ASHI School will be reaching out to chapters in the near future to help the school and in turn, the school helping the chapter. The ASHI School continues to recommend that all students join their local ASHI chapter to assist them with starting their new career. The value of ASHI Chapters for new inspectors should not be underestimated. Each chapter’s seasoned inspectors can mentor these new inspectors with their experience and knowledge.

The school would like to have each chapter link back to the school’s website and the school will provide a link on its website linking to the chapter. Breaking into this business can prove to have many challenges but with the experience and knowledge of chapter members, some of these challenges can be less daunting. If you are a chapter member or the chapter president and would like to have your chapter link on the school’s website, contact Kendra at kendra@theashischool.com or 847-954-3198.