June, 2005
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Retired Now Listed


A section listing all ASHI's Retired Members has been added to the ASHI Web site. Contact information for nearly 80 Retired Members is now available to their colleagues for consultation and for possible expert witness referrals. Because Retired Member status is granted only to those who no longer conduct actual inspections, this listing cannot be used to book inspections. To view the list, go to www.ashi.org, log in as a Member, click on Resources, then click on Membership Directory. In the left column of the Membership Directory page, click on Retired Members.

Recreated radio commercials ready for downloading from ashi.org

The ASHI Experience radio commercials (Spanish Adobe and French Colonial) have been recreated with new talent and are now ready for your use. To download them from www.ashi.org, visit Membership Extranet, Downloads, Marketing & Advertising Templates.

Due to the expiration of ASHI's agreement with union talent, the original radio commercials can no longer be broadcast. If either is played on the air, ASHI will be fined.  

If you have questions, please contact Rob Paterkiewicz, robp@ashi.org.

Don't frustrate your potential customers

Consumers use the ASHI Web site daily to contact ASHI Inspectors. If an Inspector's system blocks ASHI e-mail, messages won't get through, which frustrates the consumers and loses business for the Inspector. Check your SPAM-blocking software and if it's blocking ASHI e-mail, change it.