May, 2002

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Request for Interpretation Responses Published


One of the tasks of the ASHI Standards Committee is to provide responses to questions on how to interpret the Standards of Practice (SoP) or the Code of Ethics (CoE) submitted by ASHI Members, Candidates, or staff.

A table of requests and responses to date is now available for immediate viewing on the ASHI Web site. The Web site is the most effective and cost-efficient way to make this information available to the Membership and you’re encouraged to access it from this source. On request, the document will also be available to the Membership from HQ in PDF format via email, and on paper through regular mail. Publishing this information should improve understanding of how to interpret the SoP and CoE, and should avoid similar questions being asked repeatedly. In some cases, particularly significant interpretations may also be released or announced publicly if such public announcements would be beneficial for public understanding and/or affect the competitive position of the Membership as determined by ASHI leadership.

How the ASHI Membership requests interpretations

1) Before beginning the process, please review prior requests and responses. A similar question may have already been asked and answered.

2) ASHI Members and Candidates may download the request form from the ASHI Documents section of the Web site, use fax-on-demand or contact ASHI HQ to have the form mailed or emailed.
Requestors’ identity and certain other identifying information are not intended to be included in the information provided to the Membership or the public. There is no guarantee, however, of requestor’s anonymity. Requestors might reveal their identities; the identity of a requestor might be deduced from facts of the question and reply; or a requestor’s identity might become know by other means.

Response completes committee's task

The Standards Committee undertakes this task as a service to the Membership. It reserves the right to decline requests, and for those it accepts, the response is the final step of the process. The Membership is advised to keep in mind that specific factual situations vary, and that interpretations are general in nature.

The interpretation service is separate from the complaint process. Only ASHI National is authorized to enforce Society policies, ethics, and rules. There is a formal complaints program and a separate committee, the Complaints Committee, charged with overseeing this process.