June, 2008
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Rebuilding Together Seeks Home Inspector Volunteers


Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading non-profit organization in home rehabilitation and preservation of affordable homeownership, is engaged in a strong national response to the devastation created in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Through our Rebuild 1000 initiative, Rebuilding Together is committed to rebuilding 1,000 homes in the Gulf, from the coast of Mississippi to southeast Texas. The success of Rebuild 1000 is built upon the continued participation of highly skilled volunteers like ASHI members. Rebuild 1000 is seeking home inspectors interested in volunteering with us in the Gulf region! Your expertise is needed!

Critical Need –
Although more than two years have passed since these storms devastated the Gulf Coast, thousands remain in FEMA trailers and are still critically in need of help.  These “temporary” shelters have now become overcrowded homes for many families.  High levels of toxic chemicals found in these trailers are affecting the health and well-being of the most vulnerable: children, the elderly and disabled. There is no better time than now to get these families back into safe and healthy homes. 

Why we NEED YOU –
Many homeowners were taken advantage of by unqualified contractors after the storms in 2005. Now, home-owners depend on the help of skilled volunteers to accomplish home inspections and specific types of repairs on their damaged homes.  Skilled volunteers are able to complete a large work load in a short amount of time, keeping the home repair project pipeline robust, ultimately bringing more families home faster!

What we have to offer –
We realize that many ASHI members have a desire to help in the Gulf and may have difficulty sacrificing the time to volunteer. To address this problem, Rebuild 1000 has recently partnered with the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) to provide some assistance to skilled volunteers who are interested in visiting our affiliates in the Gulf.  As a result of our new joint venture with CNCS, we may be able to offer new ways of collaborating to both meet the needs of ASHI and Rebuild 1000. 

How to Volunteer –
There are several ways to volunteer in the Gulf region.  Many skilled volunteers collaborate with chapter leaders to organize groups of volunteers, while others prefer to come on their own during vacation time. Many choose to make the trip during Rebuild 1000 planned Work Weeks, while others come outside of the scheduled calendar. All volunteers or volunteer group leaders will contact Erin Lawless, volunteer manager at Rebuilding Together National, for more information at Elawless@rebuildingtogether.org or call 1-800-473-4229 x 3516.

2008 Rebuild 1000 Work Week Calendar
Sun. June 8-Sat. June 14, Calcasieu, LA
Sun. June 15-Sat. June 21, New Orleans, LA
Sun. Sept. 21-Sat. Sept 27, Acadiana, LA
Sun. Oct. 12-Sat. Oct. 18, Gulf Coast, MS
Sun. Nov. 9- Nov. 15, New Orleans, LA
Sun. Dec. 7-Dec. 13, New Orleans, LA

Editor’s note: Share your volunteer experiences with other ASHI members. E-mail ASHI Reporter editor Sandy Bourseau at sandyb@ashi.org.