October, 2019

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Proposed Changes to ASHI’s Bylaws


The Bylaws for the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) have not undergone a full evaluation in many years, nor have they undergone a substantial, document-wide update to reflect the best practices of modern association management. 

The findings of the ASHI Relevance Task Force’s report reflected the need for updating our guiding document. Issues relating to technology, communication, board size, elections, the Council of Representatives and other items show a cumbersome older model. In order for ASHI to be a nimble and efficient decision-making association that always represents its entire membership, the ASHI Relevance Task Force recommended that changes be made.

The major changes proposed for the bylaws represent a change to ASHI’s culture—to embrace innovation in the profession and expansion of the roles and expertise of home inspectors. Any past emphasis on adversarial relationships within ASHI groups is being set aside, and resources are being allocated to programs and services that provide tangible benefits for all members.

A key to the success of these changes in the ASHI Bylaws is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board. Reduction in size, availability for all members to serve and setting term limits all address this issue. A Board size of 11 members is reflective of an association of ASHI’s size.

Consolidating the Nominating Committees into one oversight group to verify credentials will streamline the election process. All positions will be available to the entire membership. There will no longer be a petition process to get on the ballot; all qualified persons will be included on the ballot.

The purpose and mission of the Council of Representatives must evolve to be a group focused on benefits and programs that have value for the entire membership. From this Council, we will form a new Membership Relations Committee. All members, chapters and meeting groups will be welcome to participate on this committee.

ASHI leaders recognize that, as an entity, ASHI represents all members on an equal level. ASHI leaders also recognize the importance of chapters and that the newly formed meeting groups are keys to ASHI members’ experience. The value to members of these entities should be independent of and in addition to the value provided by ASHI national.

The Bylaw Committee is confident that the changes are in the best interest of the membership of ASHI and a needed update to our guiding document. Please join us in supporting the proposed changes to the ASHI bylaws.