January, 2003

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Professional Growth Positions ASHI for Huge Success


I  can’t believe my term as president of ASHI is almost over! The year seemed to fly by. It will be somewhat of a weaning to turn the reins over to Rich Matzen. I believe I’m going to miss being president; of course I still get to watch as immediate past president. I believe ASHI has grown immensely over the last few years, and is poised for incredible growth in the next few years.

By growth I don’t mean in member numbers only, although we’ve seen steady increases in this area. ASHI has grown professionally. We are no longer a small group of inspectors acting somewhat as a “trade group.” ASHI is a professional society with a staff of professionals. The Board of Directors representing ASHI thinks nationally, not on a local level. Decisions we make in the board room may influence the profession, not just ASHI. The directors spend long tedious days figuring out the vision for ASHI. Committees spend equally long days figuring out how to implement the vision. Staff spends every day implementing direction of the board and committees, and figuring out funding and personnel allocation.

Ready to raise visibility

We are at the brink of a huge campaign by ASHI to raise its visibility with the public and professions related to the real estate transaction. This campaign is being researched and put together as I write my last president’s message. I am confident this public relations effort to promote the ASHI Inspector and the ASHI Inspection will be a huge success.

Building understanding

Other significant items accomplished this year include establishing a relationship with the National Association of Home Builders. We are aware of the sometimes stressful relations between inspectors and new home builders, and the Board is making headway for better understanding between the two professions. Of course we maintain our relationships with many other organizations, such as the Red Cross, International Code Council, Appraisal Institute, Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors® and many state home inspector associations.

Playing in the majors

Another area of huge growth has been ASHI’s visibility on a federal level. Our go-getter lobbyist, Randal Pence, has increased the presence of ASHI phenomenally in a short period of time. ASHI is known to many legislators, HUD, FHA and other regulatory agencies. We are now in the big leagues with the assistance of Randy.

Sharing a passion for ASHI

Sandy Bourseau asked for my “swan song” with my final president’s message. What I really want to do is thank everyone for making this year pleasant and encouraging ASHI to move forward. I would like to thank the following for their assistance and hard work for ASHI: Rob Paterkiewicz for his unending passion for ASHI and his sound advice; the Board of Directors for their devotion to ASHI and hard work; everyone at ASHI Staff for somehow figuring out how to do all the work the board gives them; and Sandy Bourseau for keeping me on time with this president’s message.

Speaking of “on time”… Take care. Rich will be talking next month.