November, 2003

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Press Releases Plus Personal Appearances Reach Out to 11 Million Plus


MediaChart.gifDuring the month of September, more than 11 million people had an opportunity to learn about the Society. Here’s how. ASHI’s public relations consultants write, distribute and collect published copies of press releases. Adding the circulation figures of the publications the articles were clipped from during the month provides ASHI with an estimate of potential readers. See the report for September: 11,131,739!  

A new release is distributed each month. Some seem to take on a life of their own, such as the one directing people to the ASHI Web site for information about home inspections or home inspectors. Others seek to attract the attention of an editor who is looking for timely or seasonal news. Visit the media section of to view past releases. ASHI Chapters are encouraged to download and use the releases, adding local activities or events increasing the likelihood of being picked up by the chapter’s hometown newspaper.

Reporters and broadcasters rely on ASHI Members for the personal touch

The short version of Charles Bellefontaine’s life story provided the lead for an article in the October edition of “This Old House” online. The ASHI Director of Chicagoland Home and Building Inspections, Bolingbrook, Ill. and former ASHI President John Ghent Goldring Home inspections, Inc. , Trumbull, Conn. were interviewed for the article “How to get a top notch home inspection,” a thorough house inspection is a must. Here’s what you need to know,” by Jeffrey Rothfeder.

Frank Lesh, of Home Sweet Home Inspection Service in Indian Head Park, Ill., recently appeared on air and was extensively quoted in print. The ASHI Director appeared on CLTV addressing safety issues. Although all mention of ASHI was edited from the tape, his appearance did enhance the image of home inspectors in general. ASHI did better with The Star newspaper, where a better part of the article “Laws bring upgrades for home inspections,” by Greg Houghton was devoted to Lesh’s comments covering the model licensing bill; how continuing education requirements set ASHI Membership apart; and why consumers should hire an ASHI affiliated home inspector.  

Responding to a request from WEEK-TV, the NBC affiliate in Peoria, Ill., Emil Monge addressed deck safety following the deck collapse in Chicago. The retired ASHI Member was interviewed at a residence with a large deck, and he covered deck construction, safety issues and the inspection procedures. The interview was aired in several newscasts.

ASHI Member Tom Kraeutler announced Debby Robinson is the new co-host for his The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. Beginning November 1, listeners around the country are tuning in to hear the team broadcast their two-hour live weekend show to more then 75 affiliate stations, as well as a weekday tip feature on more then 300 affiliate radio stations. Kraeutler often mentions the Society when callers ask about home inspections. For more information on The Money Pit visit

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