August, 2004
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Prescribing a Little R&R


So, you’re working like crazy, answering the cell phone, hustling from one job to the next. Your schedule is full. By the end of the day you’re so tired, you need someone to return phone calls because you’re just too beat. The concept of a vacation is almost comical. There’s no time to leave, no time to plan. Maybe when things get slower. Are you like me? Do you have to be called for dinner three times before you put down the phone? Do you find it’s later than you thought and you’re still writing a report for a client? Are you so happy you’re busy that you never stop and smell the roses, change the oil or think about lunch?

Closing out the year

If I’m describing you, let me prescribe a little R&R. No, not rock and roll, but rest and relaxation, plus battery-recharging education. I know it’s August, but if you don’t close out your calendar now, you probably won’t remember to as the year comes to an end. And you really need to make some time for fun, and for an educational experience that will remind you why you became a home inspector.

Each year in January, those in the know travel from all over North America and arrive at a destination spot ASHI has selected to have fun, learn and meet with other home inspectors. This year it will be Austin, Texas, where we will dazzle, entertain, explain and be anything but plain old, same old home inspectors. For a few days, Austin will be the center of the inspection industry, and the city will be up to here in flashlight-toting men and women looking to have a Big Texas experience.

Playing to us

Last year in Albuquerque, we were welcomed, wine and dined, and mesmerized by Southwestern hospitality. This year, the Live Music Capital of the country will play to us. And some will clap and some will dance.  

Budgeting for fun and education

And some will stay home, because they neglected to budget for fun and education. They won’t see a hundred plus exhibitors and cutting-edge tools and technology, they won’t experience rubbing elbows with 1500 other inspectors, spouses and exhibitors.

Enjoying a life-changing ASHI experience

Will you be joining us? Or will you be missing this life-changing ASHI experience? I hope you’re planning now to be there and to share in the fun. I wouldn’t miss it.
Next month, I’ll be reporting on the July Board of Directors meeting and our Atlanta Town Hall Meeting to keep you up to date. ’Til then, stay busy!