January, 2014
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Postcards from the Field


Postcards From the Field

It’s Wacky Out There.
Please send your name, city, state, photos & captions to arlenez@ashi.org.

Miniature Golf Anyone?

PVC Piping

When I spotted the PVC pipe going into a downspout adapter near the corner ot the garage, I assumed it to be a condensation drain. I discovered it was a sink drain that was squeezed into the corner of the garage.

Ken Meyer, ACI
Portico Home
Inspection LLC

Portland, OR

All Was Quiet, Not a Mouse in the House


This three-quarter-million-dollar home in Powell, OH had been vacent for 6-8 months, but we found no mouse droppings. After the inspection I checked the basement to make sure the house was locked up and found out why.

Ken Harrington
Pillar to Post
Delaware, OH

The Moose Can Smile Even on a Bad Hair Day


Calvin Bolt, ACI
Calvin Bolt
& Testing
Warsaw, IN

That’s a Humidifier, Right?


The road to ruin is paved with good intentions

The exhaust fan from the full bath below has been piped into the HVAC system’s return duct.

Henry Blau
U.S. Inspect
Richmond, VA

One Can Never Have Too Many Electrical Adapters


Brian Cogley
Cogley Property
Inspections, LLC

Oakland, CA

Tiny Tim’s House?


Kurt Salomon, ACI
Advocate Inspections
Salt Lake City, UT


“I left my bump hat in the truck, OUCH!”


20, yr. old, 3-tab, roofer was a framer in a previous life.

Thomas R Battoe, ACI
HomePro Mid FL
Performance Inspections

Orlando, FL

This looks tasty...ZAAAAAP!


Bob Bowling
Buyers Protection Group
Livonia, MI

Homeowner Engineering at It’s Best


The chimney was leaking into the cleanout in the basement. Instead of addressing the symptom, he used a plastic paint tray, sealed it to the wall on a perfect angle to allow the water to drain into a funnel, which then drained into the condensate line.

Michael Buckley, ACI
US Inspect
Mt Laurel, NJ

Perhaps This Was Longfellow’s House?


I think the hunter missed his target! Does this void the warranty?

Richard McKenzie
1st Inspection Services
Dayton, OH

Are You Sure You Want Me to Exclude the Garage?


The boat was safer outside in the elements.

Stephen Tyler
STAT Home Inspections
Garnerville, NY

Oh, you want shingle color samples?


Follow me to the roof!

Joseph J. Randazzo
Craftsman Home
Inspection Service, Inc.

Broomall, PA