August, 2014
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Postcards from the Field


He was supposed to use…
…the blade to cut a shim, not AS a shim.
Peter Engle
Almost Home, Inc.
Rumson, NJ

Talk about Falling off the Wagon
I found the children’s wagon handle securing the grate at the chimney. The wagon body was found supporting the moonshine in the crawl space. Recycling is important!
Steve Anderson
Anderson AmeriSpec
Germantown, TN

Can you turn on the light switch please?
Its the 27th one fron the left.
Daniel Land
Land Made
Bethel, CT

Shockingly Cold Outside
A Humid room and sub-zero temperatures outside caused ice to form on the cover plate inside the house.
Daniel Land
Land Made
Bethel, CT

Here Kitty, Kitty!
This crawl space was at least 30 inches high and the animal was almost at that height at a crouch. After I heard the growl and turned to see it, I did what any inspector who valued his life would do … I snapped a photo, then backed out very slowly..
Lou Prinzi, ACI/RPI
First Choice Building Inspectors, Inc
Jacksonville, FL

Duct Tape Application # 8375
Deck Repair
Ken Meyer, ACI
Portico Home Inspection LLC.
Portland, OR

Crawl Space Graffiti
Those guys Ray and Don sure get around.
Ken Meyer, ACI
Portico Home Inspection LLC.
Portland, OR

I’ve been Workin’ on the…
Yep, they used a rail for the main beam.
Greg H. Mathias
Camando Inspection Services
Lewisburg, PA

Homemade Electric Boiler
A water heater with at least four additional elements installed. Two electric motors to circulate water. Cutler Hammer distribution panel feeding unit.
J.E. Hollifield, ACI
Prairie Home Inspections
Dillion, MT

These are Really Out There
Randy Sipe
Family Home Inspection Services, Inc
Spring Hill, KS

This Inspection Took me all day….
A very large home. I kept bumping into myself.
Bill Jacques
American Inspection Service Inc.
Charleston, SC