February, 2002

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Participating in ASHI


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t try than by the things you did.”  – Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain  

For me these are words to live by, and one of the reasons I asked to serve as President of ASHI. The inspection profession has been good to me; whatever I have contributed has been returned tenfold. The same holds true for all of us as an association. The more the Membership contributes, the greater we become as an organization.

I am excited about taking the reins as ASHI President. John Ghent has made the transition easy for me by his excellent job last year, and by helping to secure  a healthy reserve fund for ASHI when he served as Treasurer. I am also confident we have a dedicated and cohesive Board to carry out ASHI’s Mission.

Promoting ASHI is key to our success

As those of you who were at InspectionWorld may know, one of my goals for ASHI is to increase visibility of the profession and our Society. We can all help achieve this goal by promoting ASHI wherever possible. ASHI headquarters has many resources to assist you in this endeavor, from press kits to consumer brochures. Check out the on-line store at ASHI.com for more information on products. It has been beneficial to me to provide my clients with a copy of the ASHI Standards of Practice with every report, as well as some of the helpful consumer brochures, such as “All About Roofs.” Clients appreciate receiving additional information, and it’s an opportunity publicize both your business and to ASHI.

Promote ASHI…Call it an “ASHI inspection!”

It would be great if everyone began calling a home inspection an ASHI inspection. This “branding” would be similar to how most people call a tissue a Kleenex. What marketing!  Harley Davidson’s marketing is even better. How many products do you know that inspire such brand loyalty that people tattoo the name on their bodies? Of course I am not asking you to get an ASHI tattoo – (at least not until the Logo Committee approves the idea). I am asking you to promote our profession and ASHI wherever and whenever you can, including chapter-sponsored marketing. The ASHI officers and public relations firm will promote ASHI to the public and allied professions. Our very capable lobbyist, Randy Pence, will maintain our presence in the Capital, assuring that lawmakers are aware of the vital role we play in consumer protection

It pays to participate.

In addition to marketing the ASHI brand, I urge Membership to participate in all aspects of ASHI business. It is important for every one of you to respond to questions presented by the Council of Representatives and/or the Board of Directors. It is also important for you to vote on Society matters and to participate when you receive an ASHI survey. The Board must have accurate statistical data to make knowledgeable decisions. Your “yes” or “no” vote is important for us to understand what you want and need from our organization.

In my efforts to expand understanding and increase visibility of our profession, I have been researching the inspection profession around the world, and I have come across some interesting facts that I will share in my next report.

I’ll come knocking.

Finally, I look forward to visiting as many chapters as possible. Please contact Angie at ASHI headquarters to schedule a chapter visit. Please give several possible dates if you can; I travel across the country often. Sometimes I can fit visits in as part of these trips. My wife Ann appreciates the consolidation of these trips as much as possible. If I am unable to meet your date requirements, the other officers are happy to represent ASHI leadership.

It promises to be a year of growth and learning.

Together, we can all work to raise the bar of professionalism and the public awareness of our fine organization. I look forward to working with you as your leader for 2002.