September, 2006

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Parallel Inspection Guides Pledge to Help Candidates Move On Up


If you want to move up in ASHI membership, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face as a new inspector is completing those first 50 inspections. ASHI is now offering its Candidates assistance in reaching that number.

The ASHI Parallel Inspection program will allow Candidates to make contact with Members who are willing to take them on a real inspection.

ASHI Secretary Brion Grant, who currently leads the ASHI Candidate Development program known as the Smart Track, said, “The Parallel Inspection program, if it is embraced by our Members and Candidates, may serve as a mentoring tool for chapters and/or individuals to help candidates obtain the required number of inspections to quicken their progress toward full membership.”

The ASHI Parallel Inspection program was first brainstormed by Brion and a group of  ASHI committee members, board members and staff as a way to add to the development opportunities for ASHI Candidates.

“This program will be a tremendous educational tool,” said Scott Patterson, chair of the ASHI Membership Committee. “There will be no better opportunity to experience a real-life inspection under the guidance of an ASHI Inspector.”

The program is simple. ASHI Members have been asked to register on the ASHI Web site if they are interested in serving as Parallel Inspection Guides, with the understanding that they will be contacted by Candidates who are interested in going out on real-life inspections. The Member may take up to two (2) Candidates on these inspections.

The Member will complete his or her inspection and provide the report to the client. The Candidate will complete an inspection report on his/her own report-writing software or form for the Member to critique, specifically by providing feedback and suggestions for improving the report to substantially meet ASHI Standards of Practice.

“While this program will not replace the formal verification process, it will be a great first step toward getting Candidates off on the right start,” Patterson said.
The Candidate will have the opportunity to make changes to his or her report and include it in the list of 50 for verification or 250 for full Member status. A Candidate, if willing and interested, may do his or her entire first 250 inspections under this program, but most will choose only to do some amount up to 50.

“This will be a bit more involved than a ride-a-long inspection, which typically does not require the Candidate to complete a report,” Patterson said. “On the flip side, it will not be as in-depth as a traditional mentoring experience, which may require an investment of time and resources that both sides may not be in a position to make.”

All of the forms needed, as well as a list of ASHI Inspectors willing to participate in Parallel Inspections, may be found on the ASHI Web site. For more information, contact Anthony Snyder, Director of Membership & Marketing, at

Some things to know:

You may need to travel outside of your area to do these ASHI Parallel Inspections. Not all inspectors will be willing to train their competition in their own markets.

Some ASHI Inspectors may ask for  payment before taking a Candidate on a Parallel Inspection; some will not. Check with the inspector first before agreeing to the Parallel Inspection. The fee may be necessary for insurance requirements.

Some ASHI Inspectors will be better at this than others. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. If you experience a Parallel Inspection that did not meet your expectations, please let ASHI HQ know so we can address your concerns. Try more than one Parallel Inspection Guide—as all ASHI Inspectors are different.

Beginning on October 1, 2006, ASHI Members may receive 1 MRC for every ASHI Parallel Inspection they “guide,” for a maximum of 10. ASHI Candidates may receive 1 MRC for every Parallel Inspection they perform, for a maximum of 10.

Are you a Candidate looking for a Parallel Inspection Guide? If someone referred you for membership in ASHI, and he or she is a full Member, consider contacting them.


So you want to go on a Parallel Inspection? Candidates, start here:

Step 1

Find a Member willing to be a Parallel Inspection
Guide on the Members Only Extranet.

Step 2
Work out the details regarding when and where you will meet the Member. Discuss appropriate dress code (some ASHI Inspectors have “uniforms” they require of their inspectors) and plan to arrive on time and looking

Step 3
Greet the ASHI Inspector as well as his/her clients, if present.

Step 4
While the ASHI Inspector is conducting his/her inspection, the ASHI Candidate should be  conducting his/her own using his/her own report software, forms or the sample forms downloaded from the ASHI Web site. Care should be taken to respect the home, as well as the relationship between the ASHI Inspector and his/her client, i.e., try to avoid speaking to the client. Leave that up to the ASHI Inspector.

Step 5
At the end of the inspection, the ASHI Inspector will provide his/her report to the client. The Candidate shall
provide his/her report to the ASHI Inspector, either on-site or shortly after the inspection.

Step 6
The ASHI Inspector will review the Candidate’s inspection report against his/her own and provide the
Candidate with helpful feedback and suggestions for improving the report.

Step 7
The Candidate should take that feedback, make changes to the report and may then count it toward the first 50 needed for C2 status, or the first 250 for full Member status.

Where the Guides Are

As of August 8, more than 50 Members have signed up to be Parallel Inspection Guides. These individuals may be contacted through the ASHI Membership Directory on the ASHI Web site to begin scheduling parallel inspections. These inspectors reside in the following states:

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

If you are an ASHI Member interested in leading Candidates through an ASHI Parallel Inspection, please log in to the Membership Extranet and, under the “Update Your Find an Inspector and Other Web Site Settings,” indicate that you want to be a Parallel Inspection Guide.