October, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

On Your Behalf


As this magazine went to press, ASHI leadership authorized a donation of one dollar for each Member, Candidate, Retired Member and Affiliate to the American Red Cross via a national disaster relief fund that matches contributions dollar for dollar. 
This represents a donation of more than $11,000.

Although aware the Membership is contributing as individuals all across the nation, it was decided you would also appreciate this combined support of relief efforts on your behalf.

In addition, the National Red Cross has been informed of ASHI's willingness to help with building inspection issues, as outlined in a previous mutual agreement, and HQ has been provided the Red Cross with contact information for ASHI chapters in the NYC area.
On your behalf, the Society reaches out to those who have suffered with sympathy and empathy, and expresses an unwavering belief in the strength of our nation and its people.