February, 2017
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Ohio Chapter of ASHI Home Inspectors Expo


he first Ohio Chapter multiday conference was held in 1996. During the first three years, the conference was held in the Cleveland area. The fourth conference, in 1999, was held at the Ohio State University’s Fawcett Center, and every conference since that year has been held in the Columbus area. The event started out as a two-day conference held in early March, but because of the growth of the industry and the chapter, it quickly outgrew a number of facilities.

James Jagger Juknialis, President, moved the location to the center of the state to make it more convenient for the majority of members. The upcoming conference in March 2017 will be Ohio Chapter’s 21st conference.

Following ASHI’s mission statement, “to provide education…,” members attending have increased their knowledge by hearing from educators including Don Norman, Mike Casey, Bruce Barker, Bryck & Harris, Steve Verssen and Kenny Hart, to name a few.

Several years ago, chapter leaders identified a need to help new members achieve ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) status. Consequently, we added a third day (Friday) to the conference to focus on that goal. In addition, the extended conference includes peer reviews that have been led by notables such as ASHI Executive Director Frank Lesh.

In 2008, the Ohio Chapters of ASHI and NAHI joined forces and renamed the conference “The Ohio Home Inspectors Expo,” inviting all inspectors no matter their affiliation. Leveraging the resources of both organizations allowed us to spread fixed costs over more attendees, thus keeping costs low. More importantly, it created camaraderie by building new and re-establishing relationships with our fellow inspectors.

In addition to educational sessions, products and services are available from over 30 participating vendors. GEM Marketing, Tom Feiza, Joe Denneler and a host of others help our attendees improve their business through marketing merchandise and by offering ancillary services.

This business is all about relationships. Those relationships with our clients, real estate agents and especially with our colleagues are very important. Attending local chapter seminars and the national conference, InspectionWorld®, improves us as inspectors.

This year’s Expo will be held March 10-12 at the Quest Center in Columbus. All home inspectors are invited and encouraged to attend. The conference lineup will feature Bryck & Harris, presenting electrical and structural; Forrest Lines, professional reporting; Don MacBride, all about natural gas; Bill Fabian, infrared material; and Joseph Denneler, attorney, home inspection litigation. For further information, contact Howard Snyder at OHASHI@neo.rr.com, call 330-929-5239 or visit the website www.ohioashi.com/store (select Education/Dues to register).