November, 2006
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Officer & Director Slates for 2007


The Officer Nominating Committee announced the following slate of officers, which was presented to the voting Members on October 31. Voting closes December 5. Petition Candidates may also appear on the ballot, but no petitions had been received at press time.

For 2007 President-Elect:
Brion Grant, Flagstaff, Ariz.

For 2007 Vice President:

William Richardson, Albuquerque, N.M.;
Charles Gifford, Jacksonville, Fla.

For 2007 Treasurer:

David Tamny, Columbus, Ohio

For 2007 Secretary:

Kurt Salomon, Midvale, Utah

To review officer nomination and election policy, click here, or contact ASHI HQ and request the document. A recap of campaigning policy follows the announcement of the Director slate.  

For general information, contact Angie,

Director Nominating Committee Announces Slate

Director Nominating Committee members Randy West, chair; and Corey Friedman, John Geiger, Robert Sterner and Wes Brendsel announced the following slate of directors to be presented to those serving on the Council of Representatives. The Representatives will elect five directors. The sixth will be the alternate director.

Marvin Goldstein
Alden Gibson
Brendan Ryan
Kenneth Salvo
Robert Pyne
Michael Stephens
Ronald Rusch

Petition Candidates may also appear on the ballot that was presented to members of the Council of Representatives on October 31, but no petitions had been received at press time. Voting closes December 5.

To review election, petition and campaign policies, download the COR Policy and Procedures manual.

Also, according to the ASHI Policies, the following rules apply to campaigning:


a. Campaigning positively by or about any candidate is
permissible as long as no ASHI assets are used.

b. Staff, Nominating Committee and Election Committee Members shall not participate in campaigning.

c. Nominees or Petition Candidates for an Officer or Board of Director position may purchase mailing labels or lists of qualified voting members’ contact information from Headquarters at cost.

d. Negative campaigning (against candidates or nominees) is not permitted. The Election Committee should preview campaign statements or materials in advance if there is any uncertainty about the appropriateness of their contents.

On September 22, ASHI President Joe Corsetto and ASHI Secretary Brion Grant wrote to ASHI voting Members to explain the Board of Directors’ decision to halt the vote on amendments to ASHI’s bylaws and to destroy all votes submitted. Excerpts from the letter follow.

“You may recall that there were five separate Amendments to be voted on.  

“Unfortunately, an unintentional mistake was made that deviated from the original committee work. When this concern was brought to light, the Board decided it needed to honor the intent of the committee. The Membership Category name change Bylaw proposal is intended to be voted on as one vote for all changes, not as an individual vote for each name change.   

“In order to avoid any confusion, the Board agreed to wait and resubmit these proposed Bylaw Amendments to you for vote after the conclusion of the 2007 ASHI Officer Election.”