July, 2007
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Norman comments on May issue


To the editor,

I wanted you to know that the technical articles and overall content in the May issue of the ASHI Reporter were outstanding. Of particular note was the excellent article on safety glazing by Douglas Hansen. Douglas is an acknowledged expert in our field (and others) and is an asset and treasure we should utilize as much as possible. I’ve also noticed that the content and overall appearance of the magazine has improved over the last few months, making it even more useful to us as inspectors. Thank you for a great publication and a great May issue!  Keep up the great work!

Don Norman, past ASHI president
Inspection Training Associates
Bridgeton, MO

Friedman provides update

To the editor,
An important update for home inspectors regarding the repair of aluminum wiring in homes to reduce the risk of fire has been posted at the Aluminum Wiring Web site at our page on “Reducing the Risk,”www.inspect-ny.com/aluminum/AluReduceRisk.htm.

Finally, after struggling for years with the lack of access to the AMP/TYCO COPALUM connector for pigtailing aluminum to copper wires to improve the safety in homes with solid conductor aluminum branch circuit wiring, an alternative product is available from King Innovations.

UL-listed in 2006, independent testing of the product for aluminum wiring repairs was just completed in May 2007. This information will be of interest to ASHI inspectors. A photo of the product is at the same Web link. The home page for information about aluminum wiring is at www.inspect-ny.com/aluminum/aluminum.htm.

Daniel Friedman
Poughkeepsie, NY

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