April, 2005
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Norman addresses ethics at ARELLO


ASHI President Don Norman joined a panel discussion of home inspector ethics at the Regulatory Roundtable of ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials), April 2, 2005, in Monterey, California. The latest version of the ASHI white paper, with its ratings of state home inspection regulations, was made available to the licensing officials attending the roundtable. Marvin Goldstein, ASHI Legislative Committee member, and Bob Kociolek, ASHI director of chapter relations & state affairs, were on hand to answer questions and discuss the pros and cons of legislation, including ethics issues, with the attendees.  

Leaders must be e-mail accessible

E-mail is the most economical and efficient method of communicating with ASHI’s leaders. All too often, messages to leaders from HQ are bounced back by SPAM filters, or returned because the mailbox is full or the address is no longer active.

When ASHI Members accept a position of leadership, they make a commitment to participate in the governance of ASHI and to help keep the membership informed about ASHI matters. Therefore, chapter presidents, council representatives, committee chairs and committee members are expected to take whatever actions are necessary to ensure they are accessible by e-mail. If you know of a leader who is not getting ASHI e-mail, please pass along this message.

Call for papers

The Education Committee is looking for top-quality presenters and programs for InspectionWorld 2006. Use the Call for Papers form available in ASHI documents online or contact Jim Jones at jimj@ashi.org. Time is running out, so act now.

Take advantage of the Web site

How many in the membership (out of 5,400) still have PASSWORD as their password for the Members Only area? 1,552.

That means these 1,552 people have never logged in to the Membership Extranet on the ASHI Web site to do things like:

Update their Metro Search Areas and Custom Company Contact Information (if C2 or full Member)

Download ASHI documents, including the 2005 Work Plan, ASHI Board Materials and Other Important Society news

• Visit the ASHI Forum discussion boards.

Next step for Nominating Committees

The names of ASHI Members elected to serve on the Officers Nominating Committee and those elected to serve on the Directors Nominating Committee were announced on March 31, 2005. The members of the respective committees are now charged with creating a slate of director nominees from the submitted matrices to be presented to council representatives, and a slate of officer nominees from the submitted matrices to be presented to Members.  

Did you get your samples? Are you ready to order?

Last month, Members and Candidates with logo use were sent samples of all The ASHI Experience marketing brochures available from the ASHI Store. Shop for ASHI marketing materials the easy way — visit the ASHI Store online.

Brochures now available in new size

Consumers love the “Maintaining Your Home,” “All About Roofs,” and, in fact, all seven of the brochures in this technical marketing brochure series. Now you can buy the brochures in two sizes: tri-folded to conveniently fit in a #10 envelope or 81/2"-x-11" to fit in binders.  

Has your chapter applied?

The ASHI Experience Chapter Grant Approval Forms can be found in “The ASHI Experience Chapter Funding & Activities Guidebook.” The Guidebook is included on the CD sent to chapter leaders and on the ASHI Web site.
Chapters that have not filed a form are missing out. Fax, mail or e-mail your form and get your funding! Questions? Ask Bob Kociolek, 847-954-3177, bobk@ASHI.org.

ASHI calendar of events

• April 15-16, 2005, Board orientation and meeting, Chicago, Ill.
• July 15-16, 2005, ASHI Town Hall Gathering and Board meeting, Sheraton City Center Downtown,
St. Louis, Mo.
• October 21-22, 2005, Chapter Leadership Day and Board meeting, Chicago, Ill.
• January 12-14, 2006, InspectionWorld, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.<