May, 2017
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t was very exciting for me to teach the February 2017 session of The ASHI School’s Mold and Moisture Damage Comprehensive Class. One reason this class was extra-special was that we had the largest group of students that we’ve ever had attend this class. Another reason was that, among the group of eight great inspectors, there was an especially inspirational student, Jerry Marshall. At the age of 78 years, Jerry now holds the distinctive honor of being The ASHI School’s “most mature” student and I’d like to share with you the wise words he said to me: “Never stop learning!”

Why the great interest in hunting down mold and moisture damage? Well, just look at all the volumes of information available and the interest related to this topic. In general, we simply spend more time inside than outside. This means that our interior living environments are becoming more polluted than the air outside. For home inspectors, having the knowledge and tools to assess, inspect and test for these concerns has become paramount in importance.

Why not join us for the next Mold and Moisture Damage Comprehensive Class? You’ll find out firsthand how we learn about this topic, and you’ll get to participate in the fun we have in class and in the lab work we do.

Contact Bonnie Bruno at The ASHI School (888-884-0440, for more information about when the next Mold and Moisture Damage Comprehensive Class is scheduled. 

Kevin Cuyler is an instructor for The ASHI School. He is president of Go Above Board Environmental Inspection Dynamics, leaders in quality mold inspections, testing and education. Visit his website at