November, 2017
The ASHI School
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News From The ASHI School


he ASHI School continues to grow! We believe it is important to remind our new and seasoned inspectors that The ASHI School provides training in several ancillary service areas. We currently offer many excellent classes and we are developing new training opportunities.

The ASHI School currently provides training in the following ancillary areas:

  • Mold
  • Radon
  • Commercial inspections 
  • Four-point wind mitigation

Visit The ASHI School at for course dates and details.

Inspectors want training in ancillary areas so they can market themselves as “a one-stop shop” to potential clients. The ASHI School is developing a curriculum for each of these  broad topic areas:

Business Overview

  • Know the importance of having proper business insurance coverage
  • Choose the best location for your business
  • Determine the type of entity you want for your business
  • Understand the importance of using a business plan
  • Visualize business models
  • Learn time-management skills
  • Understand financial concepts
  • Determine how to define the price and costs of goods and services

Marketing Tutorial

  • Create a marketing plan for your business
  • Track your business sales
  • Learn strategies to compete in today’s market

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) Inspections

  • Know the elements of an EIFS inspection
  • Learn to perform EIFS inspections
  • Determine whether the exterior of a house is functioning properly

Termite Inspections

  • Learn practical tips to perform a termite inspection

NHIE Prep Course

  • Prepare for the National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE)

Visit for course dates and details.