September, 2015

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

New Postcards!


Must-Read Baby-Proofing Article in this edition!

This is a baby's room with a 1500-watt portable heater hanging at a 45-degree angle over the baby's sleeping and changing area.  What were they thinking!

Bill Jacques
American Inspection Svc. Inc.
Ravenel, SC

Well, at Least They get Points for Symmetry....

Brian Snowberg
Heartland Inspections
Mahtomedi, MN

Plenty of Light in the Attic

What is the R value of the insulation in this attic?

Dan Prescott
Buyers Protection Group
Saint Louis, MO

The Water Pressure Isn't What it Used to be

Antiquated OOOOMPH.

Don Fischer
Extra Eyez Inspections
Woodstock, IL

Probably Should Have Serviced the HVAC Unit

Jeremy Provan
Pro Vantage
Columbia, MD

Slow Going

Sink was draining very slowly…no wonder! Couldn't see where the two 3/4-inch copper lines terminated.

Jeremy Provan
Pro Vantage
Columbia, MD

Cable TV Conduit

Tired of seeing cables? Just run them through the DWV pipe.

Jerry Kelly
Southern Home Inspection LLC
Birmingham, AL

Up Periscopes

Just in case the house is under water.

Ken Meyer
Portico Home Inspection LLC
Portland, OR

This Must be the Latest in Wireless Technology.

Ken Meyer
Portico Home Inspection LLC
Portland, OR

Strike, You're Out!

Just to clarify, jamb and strike are terms related to doors.

Ken Meyer
Portico Home Inspection LLC
Portland, OR


There are a lot of dead bees in your breaker panel.

Matthew Steger
WIN Home Inspection
Elizabethtown, PA

Here’s a Street Name Joke That Only a Home Inspector Would Appreciate

Michael Chambers
The BrickKicker of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO