March, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

New Officers and Directors Sworn In


Smooth Transition Provides Stability
Each year, the installation of officers takes place at the ASHI annual business meeting — another smooth transition of leadership that allows the society to move forward without a ripple in its service to the membership, the profession and the public.

Photo above: 2012 ASHI President Marvin Goldstein speaks after being sworn in.

Photo above: 2012 ASHI officers, l to r: Kurt Salomon, immediate past-president; Bill Loden, vice president; Scott Warga, secretary; Alden Gibson, treasurer; Bill Jacques, president-elect; and Marv Goldstein, president.

This is not by chance. The timing of the event, as well as the terms and the authority of those being installed, are spelled out in ASHI’s Bylaws, giving the society the stability that has served it well for more than three decades.

Six officers are installed: president, president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past-president. With the exception of the treasurer, all serve a one-year, non-successive term, extending from annual meeting to annual meeting.

The incumbent president-elect succeeds to the office of president upon installation of all the officers at the annual meeting.

The treasurer, who is responsible for the fiscal affairs of the society and for safeguarding all assets, is elected for one term and is eligible for re-election for two additional successive terms.

For a more detailed review of the bylaws that facilitate the efficient and effective transition of leadership, go to Members Only online on and look for Bylaws and Policy and Procedures under Publications.

ASHI Directors Sworn In

The Council of Representatives elects ASHI’s directors from those serving on the council. Directors serve for three years, with five rotating off and five on the 15-member Board every year. An alternate is elected to be ready to serve if a Board member does not complete his term.

ASHI Directors, front row, l to r: Howard Pegelow, Bob Sisson, Bruce LaBell, Tim Buell, JD Grewell, Andy Kasznay, C. Blaine Illingworth (alternate). Back row, l to r: Randy Sipe, Mark Londner, Shannon Cory, Larry Cerro, Bill Sutton, Keven Kossler, John Biegalski. Not pictured: Don Nelson and Bill Sutton.