May, 2004
News in Brief
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

New Beanstalk Ladder system for Home Inspectors


Beanstalk Ladder Co., Inc. introduced a new and unique multi-configuration ladder for home inspectors, insurance adjusters, and the service industries.

The new segmented concept in ladder design (Patent Pending) was developed out of necessity. The Beanstalk Ladder™ solves many of the problems faced today with existing ladder designs. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and use, stores and transports compactly, and can be assembled in configurations up to 14 feet. A variety of different jobs can be accomplished both inside and outside of many homes and buildings.

The 14-foot Beanstalk Ladder™ consists of three 4-foot sections and one 2-foot section that can be snapped together or used in ladder lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 feet, with ladder weights ranging from 8 pounds to 29 pounds at 14 feet. The ladder is made of high-quality aluminum, powder-coated, and meets all ANSI 14.2 and OSHA requirements. All of this in a Type I Industrial Heavy with a 250 pound duty rating.

For additional information, call 866-342-0411 or visit

More on mold from May

In “The Mold Survival Guide,” Jeffrey C. May, a home inspector who specializes in identifying the causes of mold, odor, and moisture problems in homes, schools and offices, and the author of “My House Is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma,” joins forces with his wife, Connie May, a writing specialist, to create a clear guide to a common —and increasingly vexing—problem: mold. The book includes:

• What it is
• When, where and how it grows
• What to look for
• Detailed guide to getting rid of mold while minimizing health risks
• When to call in professional help
• Symptoms of serious health consequences

Informative as well as entertaining, The Mold Survival Guide is intended as a valuable resource for people concerned about a common household problem that can have serious consequences.

Johns Hopkins University Press pub-lished the guide in cloth and paperback editions on April 30, 2004.