December, 2012
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors




"Honey, I'm going to do some laundry and make some popcorn while I'm at it!"

Fred Fields
Fred Fields Services
Berlin, Md.

I smell a rat, or is that the main waste line?


Another great homeowner installation. This is a water softener discharge line connection into the main waste line after an inspector found it was missing an air gap. Oops! There's no drain trap. I wondered why the crawl space smelled so bad.

David Maudlin
Indy Pro Inspection Service, Inc.
Carmel, Ind.




This octopus vent system obviously was done by a professional plumber. Venting 101 NOT!!!

Rick Nesselhauf
Dutch's Home Inspections,
North Ridgeville, Ohio


Grounds for removal


This is a coffee can downspout extension. Almost, but not quite.

Thomas P. Dabb
Immaculate Home Inspections
Maplewood, N.J.


Can't blame Hurricane Sandy for this one


This is a water leak I found when entering a vacant home. The water had been turned on a few hours before the inspection by the real estate agent. There was 3" of water upstairs and 6" in the basement. Ouch!

Tim Quinn
Pillar to Post - Pittsburgh
Monroeville, Pa.


Special P-trap edition of Postcards


"I don't need no stinking P-trap. I have flexible pool vacuum hose and caulk."

Gary T. Clark
Coastal Inspection Services, Inc.
Green Cove Springs, Fla.


P-traps that amaze


Yes, the camera is orientated correctly.  I guess the installer thought this configuration looked more like a "p" than a P-trap does.

Thomas Tussing
M.H. Shaefer Inspection Service, Inc.
New Britain, Conn.


P-traps that mystify


I have seen flexible drain pipe used in a lot of ways, but never like this before.

Scott Ternasky
Above Board Home Inspections
Fort Collins, Colo.


P-traps that downright confuse


Not sure what the person who installed this plumbing trap was thinking, but they fell well short of a proper P-trap.

Matthew Steger
WIN Home Inspection - Elizabethtown,
Elizabethtown, Pa.


And who knows what this is


This bathroom drain trap is creative, but wrong on soooo many levels.

Thomas A. Gaba
Buyers Home Inspection Service, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio


And to "sump" things up...


The homeowner made a floor wax can into a sewer pump by installing a sump pump in the can and routing it into the washer drain with a hose.

David Grudzinski
Advantage Home Inspections
Cranston, R.I.


Problem solved, kind of


If the roof leaks to the inside, try an internal "gutter" that drains to the bathroom sink!

Craig Tillman
Tillman Inspections, LLC
Villanova, Pa.


Dear Santa, just put the reindeer in the yard


Santa better not try the roof. He will need a 12' ladder to get to this chimney from the ground.

Matthew Steger
WIN Home Inspection - Elizabethtown
Elizabethtown, Pa.




Who knew you could make your own plumbing vent flashing boot out of caulk?

David Maudlin
Indy Pro Inspection Service, Inc.
Carmel, Ind.


Ol' Rusty


No doubt the salt air shortens the life span in Ocean City, Md.

Fred Fields
Fred Fields Services
Berlin, Md.


How's the reception in the hot tub?


I found this hot tub/satellite on a commercial building in downtown Kansas City, Mo.

Bill Fate
First Choice Property Evaluations, Inc.
Lee's Summit, Mo.